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  1. great photos!! 🙂

    • Tony ..thanks for sharing your pictures with us…sure brings back memories of things you might have forgotten. I am an absolute fan of Black Sabbath since the late seventies.. You my friend are one of the greatest things that could have happened to music history. We heard sounds from your guitar like nobody else ever heard!!! The early Black Sabbath is my absolute favorite…All you guys were made for this wonderful band!! Thank you for all the good music ever made..sure made me an millions of others happy. You’re a wonderful guitarist Tony. Good luck with everything that you want!

      Sincerely, Pierre Simard

  2. Hey Tony!! Love the new website!!! I caught the Hollywood Bowl show this year and it was EPIC!!! The songs from 13 sound INCREDIBLE LIVE!!!!

    You might consider adding a section for Fan Photos, I took some really good shots from the Hollywood Bowl show and the Heaven and Hell tours.

    All the Best to you, can’t wait for the next series of work from you!!

    Sincerely, James

  3. Great site……good to see all the other line ups included……..personally the Tony Martin era is one of my all time favourites (hoping Headless Cross and Tyr get a re- release soon)….All the Best Tony

  4. Tony -You are one of the most under rated Rock Gods of all time. Your longtime love and ability with the SG is a statement of commitment, finesse and class. I hope to be able to find a way to give back to you all that you have given to me, bearing your soul through your guitar. May God answer my prayers…to continue to take good care of you, always. With many blessings.
    like a heavy metal shockwave…

  5. Hi Tony.-you totally rule man.The best years of my life have been spent listening to sabbath.-I got the chance to see you play with Ronnie and the boys in NEW ZEALAND.-Awesum show.-You have an amazing gift.-Rock on 4 eva man!-Steve

    • Велики сте. Айоми, родена съм през 74. От първите ми самоосъзнати години до днес,през всичките тези години, аз чувам вашите имена и винаги по един страхотен и най-вече мотивиращ начин, който оформи една голяма част от мен и живота ми.
      Обичам ви Тони Айоми, Гилън, Ози, Дио
      Винаги сте ми били близки, винаги съм ви разбрала.
      С уважение!!!


  7. Mr Iommi ! Thank you for the great music all these years. Specially all the material with Ozzy and Dio, which I most love.

    And I wanna ask you something!
    Would you please give me one million dollars? I am tired of being poor!

  8. will you be in burbank for ronnie james DIO 5 YEAR CEL??

  9. TONY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You are my all time favorite guitarist/musician! Am glad that your friend encouraged you to continue playing after your most unfortunate accident. Am curious to know who that friend was and what kept you going afterwards. God bless you, and thank you for all of the inspiration and effect your perserverance in keeping the name Black Sabbath alive has had on me. Thanks again!!

  11. Tony…was playing Wishing Well and just love the way you open the song with that heavy jam chord riff….awesome!!! You are – by far – the Rockstar I would enjoy a pint of beer with. Peace my fellow lefty and thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Hi Tony…
    There are no many words to write…
    Anyone can tell you that u are great(and of course u are),etc etc…
    I just want to tell u thank u for the emotions u gave to us all these years and through all these song u have write and compose…
    A very big THANK YOU for coming to earth(as far as i remember earth was the 1st or the second name of the band before sabbath…am i right?)

    Regards from GREECE,

    ps:if at the future u think of donate any of your guitars to some fans i would glad to be one of them….many years ago i had a red gibson sg but for econimical reasons i sold it…any way…be healthy you and your favorite persons….cheers!

  13. Hi met you and drank with you many moons ago at the Rum Runner N/club when I was in the Lee Stevens band and latter with Johnny Neal in Brum I played drums (still do) great guitarist babe, sorry you are retiring
    All the best and happyness Mal

  14. Back in the 1960’s, all they played on the radio was “The Beatles”. When I first heard Black Sabbath in 1969 I instantly became a Sabbath fan. I have been listening and watching them ever since. When the world was full of those silly love songs, I was listening to Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. I saw their last concert in 2013 in Las Vegas, I was not disappointed. It was great guns from start to finish. God I still love the band. I pray and hope Mr. Iommi and Mr. Butler get better. Take care of yourselves, I would love to see you all one more time.
    Daniel Field

  15. I would be very excited for a chance to meet you!! Rock on!!Whoo whoo!!

  16. Tony’s always been my hero and my fave guitar player, been listening to Sabbath since the early 70’s when i bought the first album Black Sabbath, best band on the planet always were and always will be, fave album has got to be ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ it’s the ultimate Sabbath experience in my opinion although for me every album was and is a ‘Sabbath experience’. God bless you Tony and thanks for a lifetime of incredible music and inspiration.

  17. Hi Tony all the best music in my life is related to your creations and Black Sabbath hi from Russia!!!

  18. Hi Tony! I am still – and always will be -overwhelmed by listening to Black Sabbath’s albums . All the great riffs and heaviness of your music are outstanding. Keep going . All my best for the future. Kerstien from Sweden

  19. I’ve been a Sabbath fan for 12 years im 30. I’m a guitar player and Tony has been such a huge inspiration. His autobiography is fantastic BTW. Got me into the Shadows. Thank you Tony for all you’ve done for music!

  20. Hey Tony,

    Great photos, love the site. Thanks for all the riifs. Big fan, hope to see you again soon.

    This was adam from Canada

  21. Tony iommi and Jimmie hendrix…my fantasy lefty duo…peace buzzard.

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