13 Tour

Various snaps from spots along the Black Sabbath “13” Tour.


  1. I’m Nicolas Martinez, I’m 15 years old and I a huge fan of you. I’d like to thank you for every choice you’ve made because it has created something beautiful. I have seen you, Geezer, Ozzy, and Tommy at the Hollywood Bowl and i’m grateful to say that concert was my 1st concert. I hope to see you play again and hear the knew Sabbath album. I have also just finished your autobiography just today. I ironically got it on the same day Volume 4 was released and finished it o the same day I write this to you. I know you wont read this but if you do I wont expect a letter back or whatever it is people expect of these (this is my 1st time) best wishes from La Habra CA.

  2. I attended Manchester Arena UK in December 2013 with my older brother. I thank god (or satan?) that my brother made the arrangements and bought floor standing tickets. I wasn’t expecting such an amazing show, i admit that sadly, but i was blown away! From the first droning doom notes if War Pigs to the last blow out ending of Paranoid it was an exhillerating show. Everyone was on tip top form, even Ozzy, i didn’t hear a flat vocal the whole gig. Tony looked in superb health and played like a demon. I remember Geezer beaming whilst the whole floor pogo’d to Children of the Grave! At one point we ended up about 10 feet from the barrier, in the thick of the heat and sweat, it was mind blowing to say the least. At the end i almost retrieved an Iommi plectrum but was barged over in the fracas! Great memories. I must also mention Tommy Clufetos, i think he did a sterling job and the knocks directed at him are unfair. He rocked it non stop, credit given where due. All in all an unforgettable night. Tony Iommi RULES!

  3. Hi Tony,

    I used to travel to Leeds from London when I was a young boy to stay with my relatives. My uncle had a clothes shop in Wakefield and I used to work there in the school holidays. He played the Ukelele and I used to mess about on it when he wasn’t looking. This particular holiday when I was 13 (I’ve just realised the significance as I’ve written it here) the sales manager kept saying “three bars of paranoid” every time I picked it up. I had no idea what he was talking about. “you haven’t heard Paranoid?” he said, “no” I said. Later in the summer holidays I was on holiday in Italy with my parents. I had some money to spend and I saw the Paranoid Album in a record shop window. I bought it and took it back to the hotel and played it on a mono record player. “Do you like it?” asked mum. “Yes” I said, not really sure but not wanting to admit I might have wasted my money. By the end of the holiday they knew where to find me because I couldn’t stop playing it. That was 44 years ago and I still like it! I bought Black Sabbath as soon as I got home and from then on I was first in the queue as new albums were released.
    I would like to thank you and the rest of the band for a lifetime’s pleasure and entertainment and for proving that Sabbath really are the greatest band ever (after all the flack that the early fans put up with), for great concerts, for memories of Sabbath at the Rainbow and the Hammersmith Odeon in the 70’s, for the amazing feelings that each new album gave me (even if I didn’t understand the words at the time). More up to date, at the 13 concert in Manchester my pal, who doesn’t move or even nod his head and has seen them all, turned to me at the end and said ” I think that’s the best gig I’ve ever seen”. My daughter who loves Ozzy’s albums finally agreed to listen to Sabbath. “Its’s Ozzy but not Ozzy” she said disappointedly. I thought that was it but I should have known, once the genie is out of the bottle it was just a matter of time. She loves everything in the charts but a few weeks ago I recognised something cranked up and blaring from her room, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” she shouted, I was a happy, happy, Dad that day.
    A special thank you to you Tony, the one constant of Sabbath, making everything and anything possible and lastly thank you for 13, not the cap on your career but the start of a new era. Go for it!

  4. Dear Mr. Iommi and/or webmaster. Regarding the photo labeled “My View From the Hollywood Bowl”. Is it possible for me to purchase that specific photo (in high resolution) from you? My wife and I are in that photo too! 2nd row to your right. This may very well be the only picture of the 3 of us in the same photograph…until we’re lucky enough to do a meet-and-greet with you. Mt only intention is to print it as large as possible (poster?) to hang in my home for my own personal use. If such poster already exists, I will gladly purchase that poster. It goes without saying that was an incredible night, as were the Irvine and LA Sports Arena shows that we also attended. Hope this message finds you in good health. Best Regards, Ron

  5. Love this game

  6. The very first album I ever bought in my life was Paranoid.

    I saved my money and paid 4 US Dollars for the album and just could not stop playing it.

    That was 45 years ago and I still love every song!

    Thank you for such great memories Tony.

    George J Wood III
    New Orleans , LA. USA

  7. Happy birthday, Mr. Iommi. Alle the best for you and good luck for the new tour.

  8. hi tony,i met you,geezer,and ian at tower records in ny during the born again promotion,you and the guys are true gentlemen,im taking my 18 year old son to see the end at pnc in august,this makes 6 times for me and the first time for my son,geezer is the reason i studied bass guitar,and you are the reason my son studies lead guitar(by the way my son also plays left handed)BS has and always will be my favorite band,the sound,words,and drumming are beyond genious,keep rocking and god bless and god speed…Dean

  9. Dear tony! Thanks aunt for your great music! Fervent greetings from Russia, the city of Khabarovsk!

  10. Hi Tony. I first saw Sabbath in Bristol, 1972. It was my first concert and I was just blown away. I am not sure how many times I have seen you and Sabbath since then but its in double figures and I am still blown away, sadly I missed the end show. I thank you for the decades of extreme pleasure you have given me through your music. In my eyes you have been, still are and always will be the Master of guitar. May I also say that, in my opinion, the Tony Martin years were great. The Headless cross and TYR are classic albums and I wonder why they are never mentioned. If and whatever you do in the future I will be there. if not, I wish you farewell and all the very, very best that life can bring you…. Paul B

  11. Hi Tony, I got into Sabbath in the 70s and was fortunate enough to buy Never say die when it was released, I already new the previous albums and my favorite was Paranoid
    I realize Sabbath broke up at this time but there is something about Never say die, maybe because its so jazzy but I never get tired of hearing it.
    I saw the heaven and hell tour, mob rules, Blizzard of oz, Ozzy a few more times, the original band in 1999 and the end and bought the autographed CD.
    I play guitar and my first electric was a black,purple Lero SG. I also made my own Sabbath shirts in high school.
    I now have a 1974 sg standard, my pride and joy.
    Thanks for all the enjoyment I got listening to Sabbath!

  12. Hi Tony,
    I am from Nepal, and I am a huge fan of Black Sabbath.
    The very first heavy metal song I ever heard was Paranoid which dragged me to the world of metal. I love it more than any other song in the world because it introduced me to The Black Sabbath and The Metal.
    I wished to see you and Ozzy once in my life, but my bad luck, I was born too late.
    Anyway, Thank you for everything Tony.

  13. Hi Tony…
    I’m a lifelong Sabbath fan, over 40 years now…
    Thank you for a lifetime of inspiration…

  14. I often wonder if people as popular as yourself get the time to read , let alone reply to what must be one of the most diverse and extensive fan bases ever!
    Never the less I must say since 1970 when I first started listening to your music you have given untold pleasure and entertainment to myself and many family members.
    My little brother put me on to you in 1970 and I tried to play paranoid on an out of tune acoustic (bit of irony there). Gave up trying till the 2000’s when I was able to afford some decent equipment and still think the 2005 epiphone sg has the right amount of fuzz in it? Now I am having trouble with the solo in COTG given the overdubs.
    Saw you in 2013 in Sydney and was so amazed still, given your health problems, which I can unfortunately empathize with. To play that set with so much energy and drive was truly moving, thank you and of course the other members particularly the original line up which is embedded in minds and history.

  15. Sr.tony,es ud.admirable,apenas lo descubrí por recomendación de mi novio,tengo 30 años y estoy fascinada con su forma de tocar la guitarra me tiene encantada!!envidio a quienes pudieron ir a sus conciertos, deseo que tenga mucha fuerza y salud 💕♥️😎

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