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  1. Another Black Sabbath fan site. Focused mainly on listing all known footage of the band.

    • Bom dia, meu nome é Arthur Dini, tenho 17 anos e sou o seu maior fã, sou músico, toco guitarra dês dos meus 5 anos de idade, meu maior sonho era poder te conhecer, moro em São Paulo, Brasil, minha vida é inspirada na sua vida, quero ser igual a você, não existe ninguém melhor do que você, você é simplesmente incrível, nasci escutando Black Sabbath, a melhor banda de todas, não sou muito bom com palavras, mas queria uma oportunidade de conversar com você, te fazer algumas perguntas, poder olhar para a pessoa que me faz levantar da cama todos os dias e estudar a música, tocar guitarra todos os dias, a viver, então peço com muito carinho que você possa ler essa mensagem e me dar uma oportunidade de conhece-lo, é realmente a única coisa que quero na vida, por favor, não sei como dizer isso e nem como dizer tchau, pois só de estar podendo escrever em seu site já me faz muito feliz, muito obrigado pela atenção, espero não ter falado algo de ruim, resumindo tudo sou seu maior fã, queria muito de conhecer porque você é a razão do meu viver !!

      Good morning, my name is Arthur Dini, I’m 17 and I’m your biggest fan, I’m a musician, I play guitar des my five years old, my biggest dream was to get to know you, I live in São Paulo, Brazil, my life is inspired in your life, I want to be like you, there is no one better than you, you are simply amazing, I was born listening to Black Sabbath, the best band of all, I’m not very good with words, but wanted a chance to talk to you , ask you some questions, could look for the person who makes me get out of bed every day and study music, play guitar every day, to live, then I ask with love you can read this message and give me an opportunity to know it, it’s really the only thing I want in life, please, do not know how to say it or how to say goodbye, because just being able to write on your site already makes me very happy, thank you for your attention, I hope not have said something bad, summarizing all’m your biggest fan, really wanted to know why you are the reason I live !!

    • Mr. Iommi,

      I will be brief.
      Cross Purposes and Headless Cross are really good albums. You could do us all a great favor and mix them without the snare drum being too loud. I like drums – I can play – but I would love to be able to enjoy these albums without the drums like that.
      I do not have the problem with Tyr.
      Thanks for all the years of great music. Jay

    • Hello, I was wondering if there was an address that I could mail Tony a letter? I’d love to write him and tell him about how much I appreciate him and his work. Thanks.

  2. Hi there,

    My name is Matias Gallardo. I’m journalist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who writes in a heavy metal magazine called Jedbangers.

    I’m currently working on a homage article to “Fused”, and I just wanted to know if it would be posible to set up an interview with Tony in order to talk about the album. I personally think that album is a hidden gem and there are a lot of interesting things to talk about it.

    Please let me know if he’s OK with this. I can call him anytime.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience. Would be great to have his words.


    • Yes, no problem. Tony will be pleased to speak to you about anything.

      • Hello Peter. I work with Ernie Cefalu, the man who created the album packaging for Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, and I’m documenting this in a new book. I have a wealth of historical information including rare photos, artwork, and mock-ups used in the creation of this album. All of this is of great historical importance. Please contact me regarding obtaining an interview with Tony.

  3. Hello to London

    I have been more than 40 years a huge big QUEEN fan. I would very much like an autograph card of QUEEN. Do you have another? Can you tell me please, please, please leave a message? I’ve written several times to John, Brian and Roger. But unfortunately I knew the addresses do not, so I have only written the respective names and London. But these letters have all come back again. Also, I have already written three times Mary Austin, with a request to forward the enclosed letter to John, Roger and Brian. But unfortunately do not have any mail from London now. Brian and Roger come yes on 19 February to Zurich, of course I go to this concert. Also, I was already in London at the home of Freddie and in Montreux at the statue and the museum. I’d be really very grateful if I can send you my address. Please enter but if I can send you my address in the next email me via e-mail communication.
    I send you the very best regards from Switzerland and am looking forward to a response from you.


  4. Tony I was told by a friend of mine that my good friend and band mate Barry Ambrosio,was a assistant,before his passing.I likt to know if you could post any pictures of him .His twin brother lives in Florida.Our group was Utopia Carwash.Barry was a great lead guitarst with his Gibson 135,Any info would be keptclose to my heart thanks Jack Tamburro

    • Hi jack, are you of Italian origins?
      Your surname is typical from my region called Molise.
      Regards from IT!

  5. Ídolo tommy i saw u recently at that metal show, n u mention a dr. In duselldorf germany, who fixed u r fingers from a lack of Cartilage, is that true ????
    I have the same ill in my hips , do u mind Telling me all the data , plisssssss ?
    I live in mexico and most of the drs. Want to Put me a protesis n i dont want that. For u r attention to This matter i will be eternally gratefull to u.

    • Tony we spoke yrs ago when you did a radio interview on knac long Beach anyway I’m vincent Farrentino vocalist for Hanz Krypt I have many songs you might be interested in I’ve been writing doom since the early 80s call me 310 480- 3990 vincent

  6. Hi Tony. You are the best guitar player in the world. Hope your health is good. My father had lymphoma 7 years ago, made treatment and is cured nowadays. Be strong, you”ll win the battle. Hope that all the riffs you have for an eventual Black Sabbath new album were used in some new project. An project with Headless Cross line up would be great. Thanks for the great music you make. A fan from Brazil.

  7. Hello!!

    My name is Chris, i live in Poland and from 15 years i work as a stage hand.
    I write to You because me and my 13 years old son David we are a guitar pick’s collectors.
    We collect pick’s from couple years,but i don’t work on every show in Poland
    and we dont have much pick’s. We love to collect them, so my son give me an idea
    “come one dad let’s write to bands and ask them about guitar pick’s”.
    So if you love doing something you must try everything … and here we are 🙂
    Many peoples buy picks on auctions and enlarge theirs collections,unfortunately
    for me my family is most importnant and i can’t spend money for my hobby,so i don’t buy pick’s.
    We have 241 guitar picks wchich ones i bring from gigs or very rarely we trade with other peoples.
    So we have big… a very big request to you… can you help us to enlarge our collection and send us pick of your band,
    it doesn’t matter they are old or new,from old tour or whatever we accept everything what you want to send us.
    We will be very grateful and happy.
    So we want to thank You for your precious time and reading this mail, and sorry for my english.
    Even if You decide to do nothing ;( heres our adress

    Krzysztof & Dawid Nowak
    ul. Wagowa 60/11
    41-215 Sosnowiec

    Thank You and very warm greetings from Poland

    Chris and David!!!!!!!!

  8. Tony: the actor Dirk Benedict was diagnosed with terminal cancer circa 1978. He went on a macrobiotic diet, and to this day, he is very healthy. I don’t know what a macrobiotic diet is, but you might consider it. Best wishes, TH.

  9. I just noticed a couple of type errors on the fantastic article on Tony’s signature pickups. I was looking for a specific piece of information, which I found, thank you. I wanted to send a private message but couldn’t find a way of doing it..
    The pickups are perfect! best I’ve ever had and so I wanted your article to be. Great story, very well written and much appreciated.
    “Peace, Love and Rock & Roll”, MUZZ

    “and this just what John Birch…”

    and this WAS just what John Birch…

    “With his encyclopaedic knowledge up pick-ups,”

    With his encyclopaedic knowledge OF pick-ups,

  10. GREAT!

    PLEASE DON’T SUBMIT THE COMMENT – I really don’t want that…
    I just wanted to help and am a well wisher,
    Tony’s a great guy, I can tell that from the interviews I’ve seen. I use his pickups out of respect for a truly grand human.

    the type errors are easily done – a lot of thought ,time and effort went into the article – I really don’t want them publicly pointed out

  11. Tony, I don’t want your plectrum. I don’t want an interview for an Argentinian metal rag. I don’t want to know where I can purchase your back-releases of this and that. I don’t want to know how you route your guitar signal. I don’t even play guitar. I just want you to reflect and answer at least to yourself. Why on Earth (pun!) do you go on treating Bill Ward so rotten?
    Bill is the force behind the madness. No way about it! Without Bill, you, in spite of your collective talent, sound empty, hapless, and embarrassing like The Stones without Bill Wyman. Fact! Sorry to be this blunt but… But it’s true, damn it! (if you can’t take the truth watch CNN or BBC)
    So why hurt Bill and all Sabbath fans worldwide by going on doing Bill like you have done? Why, Tony?

  12. Greetings,

    I humbly welcome Mr.Iommi to be on my podcast radio show called Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre ,which airs on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.3FM.

    His close colleagues Bill Ward, Adam Wakeman, and Bob Daisley have all been on my show in the past,including also a number of other well known rock musicians.

    It would be a great honor to do a phone call interview with Tony,either live or prerecorded. It is also possible to do an in person interview at the upcoming Oakland show. Either way it would be a huge honor to have him on my show. I happen to be one of Sabbath’s #1 fans for over twenty years,having also met Ozzy in person two times.

    Much love and God bless!


  13. Hey, Tony! How about a 20 Anniversary release of “Iommi” with unreleased tracks. I’d plunk down my hard-earned cash for that. You got 4 years to make it happen… Pretty please!

    • I would buy that album too! Fact is I went online a few years back too but the original and could not find it for sale. I thought I would just mail Tony $100 cuz I listen to it so often on YouTube.

  14. Dear lovely TONY IOMMY !
    Let me call you so and the reason is that first I heard you in far,far 1970-s,when your disk ” Black Sabbath ” ( Oh ! “ BLACK SABBATH “ ! ) appeared.I was shocked.I opened something new for me,something unknown at that it was unlike the other music,music which being unlike the other,impressed me,by it sinkere kindness.And when I saw your photo,can’t forget it till nowadays.Every time, having got your next disk with great difficully,as the prices were and remain today too high(but usually it takes a lot of time before we can listen to your next disk) I immersed in your music world and imagined as if,I were together with you. Unforgettable time!
    You had everything on your way:success and disappointment,but the time proved that your are “the qiants of music”! I am glad with to every you success still many ,many years.I always wanted to know about your as much.I’m interested in both:your life and work.Will you,please help me ,if it’s possible to know more about you not only as a musitian but as a person.We can understand music though the musitians thoughts and soul even if we don’t understand the words in English.I would like to speak with you about everything. But it’s a pity it’s not possible to write everything in a letter. A letter is the only means communication with you…The only hope to meet you and to speak with you it’s your concert. But in fortunately it’s very difficult.Heardly I when nor be able arrive in Europe single hope if you will arrive in Russia,we without fall a meet.Dreams… It is difficult for you to understand as it was earlier in the USSR (Soviet Union), with what difficulties to us the nextn albums of you reached. I remember those times when each new album got with the big work. Now them it is possible the find – truth bad piracy copies from China. In expensive dear shops it is possible to order and buy original disks, but they cost stand even more expensively the present true price… Now much has changed, I could see you “alive” in video, but remained as before impossibility to receive the autograph of you. I always dreamed, if not you then though musician you which works I really love and with pleasure I listen when some day will come and in my small world of the admirer you as a photo with his its autograph. But apparently it only dreams – miracles simply do not happen, and if are that only for ” the elected public. But all the same, my love tomusic you remain with me for ever. And let dreams will not come true, but I trusted, and the belief and hope die the last… .My letter means you have reached,but I hoped to receive from your autograph-for me it is a limit dreams.With music of you I have lived the most part of the life and I wanted to have a part of this life having touched again by those unforgettable years of our youth by which part and were you.Forgive me,if I am too persevering.The you for me always was and will be that light with what the man lives.The thank for that you is.Let always success and our love will be with you.
    Dear lovely TONY IOMMY ! I’m very sorry,but I have a request for you.Will you please send me your photo with your original autographs or just an answer on my letter.For me it would like… a present equal “the flight to the moon”! Oh,GOD!But it’s just a dream,I even can’t hope for it.There are no miracles in reality!? Having finishing my letter let me wish you everything a person can wish to his friends:a successful work and a lot of happiness in your life,and also to continue gladden your admirers with your songs.Thank the time thas has presented us such a wonderful musician and man. I want you to be happy and always young!We love and always will be with you.
    Ever’ your Helen.
    P.S.Excuse me,please my English. E-mail:

    My address : Helen Zavadsky
    33 -149 Tuchachevsky Street
    Lida,231300 Belarus.

  15. Hi Tony

    Happy Birthday Tony, hope you have a wonderful year.

    A lot of health and continue with that wonderful riffs.

  16. Hi!

    Congratulations for a great career!
    Here’s a little tribute for you and Sabbath, we made a haunting Sitar & Vocal cover of ‘Paranoid’:

    I really hope you like it!


  17. Hello Mr. Iommi,

    I am a hand surgeon in Austin, TX and have a patient who had an injury similar to yours. He is eager to return to the guitar and referenced your prosthetic finger tips. I am very interested in hearing about them as I would like to find a similar solution for this patient. If there is anyone who can provide information about them I would greatly appreciate it.


  18. Tony,
    in 1970 I was a 10yr old Australian lad and I bought a 7″ single of Deep Purples Speed King/Black Night and a few months later the Sabbath Paranoid album. Those two records had a huge influence on my future world view so upon hearing of Tony’s health problems I felt compelled to reach out. My Dad died of Lymphoma or more to the point, the chemo so destroyed him that he gave up. If Tony ever feels the same then perhaps he might at least consider looking to some alternative treatments.
    Health and it’s management are very personal issues so I’m not preaching here, just making a suggestion based on personal experience. I wish Tony the very best.

    Seth Tyler

  19. No you recall Park Lane Aston

  20. Hello Tony!

    I am an author and lifelong avid Black Sabbath fan. I have written a short story called ‘Endless Skies,’ which is loosely based on your song Planet Caravan. It will be published in an anthology this Spring. It would be an honor for me if could send you a free, signed paperback copy.

    Your music has inspired so much of my writing, whether it be fiction or music.

    If you would like a copy, please send me the best address to send this to, and I will mail it out as soon as I get them myself.

    Thank you so much!

    – J.M. Ames

  21. Hi Mr Iommi. I’m a big fan of your work. I’ve been listening to your music and have been listening to Black Sabbath since I was a kid. I am a College student in the UK studying Journalism. I have an exam coming up where I must write a 3 page article on a cultural youth movement based on a music genre. The genre I have decided to write about is Metal and Black Sabbath is considered to be the first definitive Metal band and as I live close to Birmingham I figured there would be a lot of history in the Metal genre as you started there. I was hoping maybe I could have 10 minutes on the phone with you asking you some questions about the culture surrounding Metal if possible? It would be an incredible help to me.

    yours sincerely,

    Jonathan Corner

  22. Hello, I’m a fan from Italy and I will try to share with you the story of the origin of the name “Sabbath”.
    I will introduce you to a magic place, known as the “Streit of Barba” located near the italian town of Benevento (the famous place of witches).
    The strait was created by the erosive activity of the Sabato river, and in that place were located a giant walnut tree, venerated since the Longobards period. In centuries, it became the famus meeting point for all the European witches who worshipped the Devil in a ritual then called “Sabba”. So, the term Sabbath, origins from the Sabato river, a mystic place still inhabited by old ladies with special powers.
    I hope that the story I told will reaches someone of the band or enjoied/intrigued someone else.
    Regards from Italy,
    Manuel Petta

    • That’s TOTALLY cool Manuel! Never knew that story. I’m an Italian descendant as well and proud of my heritage.

  23. Bought a “Laney Supergroup Series Mk. I Session Amplifier 50 Watt” plus a matching 4×12 Laney cabinett around 1974 in Hamburg. The amp and the box still work fine and make loud & beautiful sounds until today…!
    They told me back then in the music shop, this equipment was traded in, because “The Earth”, who played the Starclub before, had spent all their money and needed something to buy tickets to come back home.
    Anything true with that, does Tony remember?

  24. Dear Tony Iommi,

    I am a student at Bath Spa University studying Commercial Music. I am wondering if you would like to participate as one of our Guest Lectures to give a talk about you background and what music meant for you and maybe a short inspiring talk for all of our fellow musicians.

    You have been a great help to me and my own personal cultures and values in my life and was wondering if you would be able to share this too with our university and our very eager musicians.

    If this is all good with you, please do write back via my email and I am sure we would be very much welcomed and delighted to have you as our guest speaker for the university.

    Many thanks,

    Ibbi Bhambri.

  25. Hi there.

    All I’ve ever wanted to do was get to meet the guys of Black Sabbath.

    I live in South Africa though.

    I have loved Sabbath my whole life.


  26. Hi, my name is Caleb Smith, I would like to request an interview with Tony Iommi on my radio show in New Zealand, if Tony is interested in joining Biff Byford from Saxon on the same episode?

    I have inerviewed the likes of Deep Purple, Scoripons, Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen, Judas Priest and many others.

    I am often being asked to interview Tony, so he is able to connect with his fans in New Zealand.

    If Tony is interested, I’m happy to work is schedule and time zone and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to deliver the interview to his fans here.

    Should you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will gladly provide any further information.

    Thank you for your time, and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kindest regards,
    Caleb Smith,

  27. I would like to know if it is possible to send Tony a copy of Vol. 4 to have him and Ozzy/Geezer/Bill sign for me? I am not interested in re-selling this item, only having it framed for my own! I have been a fan since I was 12 and Sabbath has been a GREAT influence on my life, and many other musicians I know! I would buy a signed copy for myself, but always worry about the authenticity of these items not being genuine. It would be a great honor to have the guys sign something for me, to keep forever! THANK YOU in advance!

  28. Hello!
    Ive been a huge fan of Tony and he has been a big influence on my desire to play
    guitar. I am also left handed and i am also missing part of my right index finger. i have been fighting this problem trying to play. i am familiar with Tonys issues

    • i am wondering if he could write me with some help as to how to over come this handicap, so that i may be able to play far better than i am capable of?
      Thank you very much!

  29. Hello Tony is there any chance of obtaining your autograph through here please if possible? i can provide SAE etc no worries thank you.

  30. Tony, I wanted to thank you for a lifetime of guitar. When I was 16 (48 now) a friend taught me iron man on a Sears guitar. I played it with the guitar face up on my lap and couldn’t have been happier. From there I caught the guitar bug and learned all Tony Iommi songs. As I got older my tastes varied but I never forget where I started and who got me into playing guitar. You’ve impacted my life so much and I just wanted to let you know that because of you I have been a musician since the second I learned Iron Man. Thank you Tony!

  31. dear mr. iommi,

    i’ll never forget your last concert in berlin with black sabbath!

    your smiling while guitar playing 🙂

    stay healthy!

    sincerely, tommi

  32. Hello, I am writing to see if it’s possible to send to Tommi Lommi letter.



  33. My Husband and I are BIG fans. He is a bass player and lost the tip of his finger last year. He has tried to make a prosthetic tip but nothing helps with playing. Is there a website where he can purchase one of your inventions? Thank you

  34. Greetings Tony, I am contented to say the cd Deluxe sets have been a time machine to enter in. It sounded like the renaissance of seventies Sabbath alive again with wildfire. I am glad to see you’re doing well.

    I really hope you make an album since I have been reading various articles since 2020 about the hundreds of riffs you have lying around. Your interview with Richie Faulkner from Judas Priest was interesting too. I know you’re going to be on Ozzy’s next album which should be interesting. I hope your journey in the rest of your musical career springs forth an album!!

    The very best, Vinny

  35. Hi Tony, please forgive the shamelessly direct approach. I tried contacting you elsewhere but either it didn’t get through or quite sensibly you ignored me.

    I am working on a new album with some well-known people but would love your help with one track given it was inspired by your unique style. If you would possibly be interested in helping, please contact me via the email I submitted with this post.

    I am happy to divulge more in direct conversation.

    Wishing you a covid-free winter,


  36. Greetings Tony. I hope your Thanksgiving was great, I listened to the new track Scent of Dark and really liked it. I sincerely hope this is a prelude to a potential album whether its form is instrumental or inviting various artists on it. The blend of doom laden riffs with other comparable rhythm sections would make a great album. The black bottle reminds me of my bottle of Polo Black cologne I have here at home.

    As 2021 comes to a close I wish you the solid and very best in your music making and I solidly hope an album develops because it gives people a prime chance to indulge in your encyclopedia of riffs. Maybe you can invite Sergio on the album as he appears to be very impressive as well.

    Thanks again, Vinny.

  37. Dear Lord Iommi, I really enjoyed a rare cd I have titled Black Sabbath Unsung memories. The unique thing about the album is that it is a compilation of Seventh Star Instrumental Demos that came out in 1983.

    Perhaps if your next album is solely an instrumental one it would be a smash of success, Whatever form– it would be simply great!


  38. Dear Lord Iommi, It has been intriguing and interesting to see you have launched a career path into perfumery. I saw the video Scent of Dark and was impressed. I sincerely HOPE this is a prelude to an album in the making.

    Please remember the millions of fans worldwide that share my sensitivity to this issue. Since I have a library of all past Black Sabbath cds, another one would be a gem of great new music by your sterling hands.

    The very best, Vinny

  39. Dear Tony, I really have to admit the Scent of Dark video is like a medieval movie rewound through the annals of time. The castle including the background of trees and the interior area of the castle with stained glass windows depicts a royalty scene embellished by the pool table. When you hit that eight ball and knocked down the bottle of the cologne, it was like an omen of mystique approaching the halls of the castle. I would like to share an inspirational passage with you about your new discovery, The clouds roll under the slate ridden skies of grey opening the majestic dawn. An aroma of precious herbs glides through the castle windows where the black knights of metal wield their guitars for anticipating fans. The doom laden riffs penetrate the majestic walls as the music engineers proudly watch. The man who ignited metal forged a force with loyal companions setting forth new music for the next sunrise. Sunset Superman (Ronnie James Dio) lowers the sword that christens Tony Iommi’s path with triumph. P.S. An instrumental album would be amazing with the invitation open to other artists to join your great discovery. All the best always, Vinny

    • Tony, Just lost end of finger number one, please could you advise on best materials for prosthetics. I have been a huge fan since forever and playing is something I don’t want to loose.
      Yours gratefully
      Mike Crowley

      • From Tony’s team –

        “Tony uses hand prosthetics obtained from a hospital, he cuts the length down as needed. He then glues a thin leather strip to protect the prosthetic and be able to grip the string.

        There is no one size fits all, you’ll need to experiment with different sizes and materials. They stay on largely thanks to double-sided tape and a glue called UHU in the UK. “

  40. Hi there, we would love to have Tony on the podcast to
    talk about his new scent, sabbath and any plans he has for the future. Do you think he’d like to talk to us?
    Recent guests of the podcast include Bev Bevan, Joy Strachan-Brain, Suzi Quatro, Toby Jepson and many more.

  41. Hello ,

    I hope everyone is doing well and safe. I hope that this link finds its way to Mr. Iommi. My son did one of my favorite songs from Black Sabbath for my Birthday……

    I am very proud of him and II believe you will really like this..

    Stay Safe


  42. Is there a way I can get an autographed picture or send in something to be signed by Mr Iommi? He is one of my (and my Dad’s) favorite guitarists and it would mean a lot to me. Thanks.

  43. Hi Tony,

    I am a photographer. I made a shooting with my son. I would like to present this shooting (which is inspired by the news about Ukrainia) in a short slide show. I would like to know if I could maybe use “Electrical Funeral” as soundtrack. It is for private use but I must use youtube to share with my family. I have no idea how to proceed to obtain the rigth to do. I do respect too much you work and intellectual property to do without a permission. By the way my son and I play guitar as a hobby and you are my son’s model, cause he has only one had and learn to play netherless. ANyway thanks for the Metal!

  44. Greetings Sir

    I have been a lifelong fan of your music and thank you for all the great memories. I have passed the love of the music to my son who is also a Huge Sabbith fan. Sam is 26 years old and an aspiring musician. He plays in several bands around our area.
    The reason I am sending you this message is because Sam was involved in an accident at work yesterday. Moving some large truck brake rotors, he smashed his Pinkey finger on his left hand. It cut the tip off from the nail up.
    Obviously, this has deviated him! His band has a show in three weeks! During our time in the hospital, he mentioned how you had been through a similar experience. He basically used you as an example of how he would get through this and play again! Just wanted to let you know that your life story as well as your music has touched so many people!

  45. Hello Tony, I am writing for two reasons. First of all, I’d want to tell you that I think you are a great guitarist and I want to thank you for giving the world the sound of Heavy Metal. You are the originator and you’ll always be remembered for it!! Paranoid was the first album I bought and fondly remember earning money to buy it. I even cleaned the sidewalk of snow at the record store to earn money to buy it. My other reason for writing is to ask you if there is a way to get a guitar pic of yours from you. I have a few from my stagehand days but unfortunately, I did not work a Black Sabbath show and therefore do not have one. I’d even be willing to purchase one if that is possible. Once again I want to thank you for being such a huge musical influence in my life and I hope to see you in any incarnation one more time. Thanks so much. Best of luck! Regards, Mark

  46. Hello my name is Robin my husband is Dave Harris he is a former special forces marine who has used music, mainly guitar to help him when life is hard or like when he got out of the marines and he had demaons in his head. Well 3 days ago he accidentally shot the end of his first finger left hand off when he got bumped and dropped his gun and tried to catch it. The gun when off and severed his index finger of his left had. They had to amputate what was left to the last joint near the nail. His first thought was how he was not going to be able to play guitar. he has like 14 guitars and a room just dedicated to playing music. One of the first things he said is he is going to have to get a prosthetic finger tip like Toni. Any words of encouragement from Toni would be a blessing as my husband is pretty depressed at this point. He is 54 years old and just loves music. I don’t know if that is possible but it would shine a light in some dark days for him. Thanks so much.

  47. Hi, Mr. Iommi! How are you? I hope you are well.

    I would just like to request a short video birthday greeting from you, for my boyfriend who really admires you A LOT and Black Sabbath for like forever. His name is Red Samson VI. He will be 26 next month and in Canada at the moment.

    Your music plays a special part in our relationship (he can play your music using his electric guitar). I love him so much I want to give him something special and this is what I think he would be very delighted to receive.

    I know you’ve been very busy but I hope you’d be able to read my message and grant my request if it is not too much to ask. Thank you! 🙏😊


  48. I can sing louder than the god of this world!
    Where do I email my audition recording the the master of metal?

  49. Tony, I’m 64 now and I’m still practicing everyday on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and A National Acrobat since 1974. I LOVE these two, they are in my blood. Anyway, I love all of you in Black Sabbath. Especially, Mr. Tony, you are an incredible artist. Thank you for giving me an additional item in my Brian. Blu.

  50. Hello Frank, I can’t help but believe that the name vicious cycle, would be a great name of a album or a song, back in the 80s I went to see Ozzy at the UTC round house arena in Chattanooga Tennessee. Metallic opened for Ozzy and I snuck in a pint of jack Daniels whiskey. By the time Ozzy came on stage I was gassed up pretty good, got an into a fight ended up in the hospital with stitches to the bask of my head and my jaw broke, I never got to hear or see Ozzy performance and to this day have been searching for a recording of the show , simply wanted to share my story with you take care ,, Keith

  51. I was wondering how a person could meet Tony. I know he don’t have time for everyone, but I would find it a great honor to meet my hero. I am 70 years old and I play guitar and sing. I love doing Sabbath covers. Tony if you read this.. it was because of you I picked up a guitar. I am left handed when I play, so many tried to make me play right handed. Then I saw you, it changed my whole perspective.. Thank you for being you, and making me feel like I can do anything. I play with a band out of New York USA, we are called SSTR(Six Seconds To Russia) where I am lead guitarist/Singer. Again Thank You Tony for being such a inspiration. with my love and care… Respectfully, Natashka

  52. Mr. Iommi
    Do you have any relatives in finland?😁
    I’ve been a fan 53 yrs, since i was six yo.
    All the best for you guys🤘

  53. Hi Tony, don’t know if you’ll get to read this . . . Aston Uni was where we were last all together in the same dressing room (’67 – ’68?). Ozzy was wearing his RAF de-mob coat, I was wearing the ‘shooting stars’ suit and top hat! I was roadie with Locomotive, the plan was to drive for Sabbath, but I missed my chance. You were ‘spotted’ that night, and the rest is history. Anyhoo, keep well Tony, may the sun always shine for you and yours. Bests, Jonathan.

  54. Mr. Iommi,

    I recently lost the tip (about 15 mm) of my left index finger in an unfortunate table saw accident. I am still in the healing process, buty desire going forward is to create a slip-on prosthetic, not unlike the ones you’ve fabricated for yourself. I would humbly ask you for whatever advice you’d be willing to give on making a prosthetic fingertip, if it pleases you to do so.

    Thank you in advance, with much respect and admiration.


  55. Hell-Ö Mr. Iommi.

    How can I contact you to share my vocal version of one of your instrumental compositions? I am an artist from Poland and I would be grateful for the opportunity to send you an email with my project.

    Respect and greetings!

  56. Hello Mr. Iommi,

    I am a writer of ‘weird’ fiction and, of course, a huge fan of your work. I heard my first Black Sabbath album back in 1978 when I was 13 (and subsequently saw you perform several times including once at Sun City in South Africa in 1987 when my family were living there for a few years – me and a few mates chatted with you in the bar!). I am currently writing a new series of short stories and wanted to include a fictional meeting of Black Sabbath with one of my characters in one of these tales. It would be set in late 1969 and the band are returning home to Brum in a van from a university gig in Aberystwyth. The character is hitchhiking, and they give him a lift for a few miles. Basically, I am asking if you are happy for me to include this fictional reference in the story? It would be a sort of Black Sabbath easter egg. There would be nothing ‘controversial’ about it, I simply wanted to include a reference to my favourite band in my fiction.

    All best wishes

  57. Hello Tony,
    I’ve been a prog/symphonic/hard rock keyboardist – composer for over 40 years. You recently stated in an interview, that you’d like to work with orchestral strings, etc. My style would compliment your music perfectly, without over shadowing it; much closer than a classical player would do.
    Please contact me if you’d like to hear my work; I won’t post the info here, but there are many music examples available on 2 websites.
    **Please check my website link for 3 music examples & photo.
    Also, I have a vast variety of Virtual instruments; both orchestral and vintage synthesizers, including the Mellotron Black Sabbath Choir tapes on digital.

    Thanks very much for your time. Looking forward to your reply.
    Cheers, Bill

  58. Dear Mr. Iommi, Thanks for all the wonderful music you have provided over the years. I Had left a message before, but I wanted to share that I have a copy of a Gibson SG just like yours. It is a bit heavier then my other two SG’s but does it ever play so smoothly. Thank you Again.
    Lead singer/guitarist SSTR New York.

  59. Hello
    My husband and I love you. How can we meet you?

  60. Hello Tony,
    if You need a vocalist someday Jari Tiura is ready. Here’s Jari with Michael Schenker:

    Arto Laine
    Jari Tiura’s manager

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