Epiphone Riviera 12 string

This guitar is a right hander that was reset by Epiphone for left hand use.

This involved cutting a new nut, re-positioning the bridge, swapping around the saddles and removing the scratch plate.

After the first photos were taken, the controls were re-sited and the original holes plugged up (see bottom photo).




  1. Hey guys. Quick question- knowing that Tony plays very light strings on his regular six string guitars, were the string gauges altered on this 12 string to suit as well? If so, what gauges were/are they? Cheers

  2. What songs did Tony play his 12-String on? Also, any Acoustic 12-String works?

  3. Lord Tony Iommi-a name forged in burnished steel. Tony, I recently watched the End DVD and the Angelic sessions in their entirety and it proved that the existence of Black Sabbath was a pyramid where Kings of Metal not only made great music but preserve their sound for many generations to follow.

    The composite of heavy blues merging with hard rock from the 1970’s which Black Sabbath played, ignited a sound that sparked memories on how it all began. The day you lost your fingertips in that ark welding accident was the christening of fire and steel that became one.

    It is superb to see that your spirits are elevated after watching a recent video interview in December 2017 that your ambition to continue to write music is alive. It would be phenomenal if another album with Glenn Hughes became a reality. No matter who you choose to do a potential album with, I’m sure the results would echo in the halls of Black Sabbath.

    God Bless and may the pillars of rock and roll hold the Sabbath Throne.

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