Black Gibson Custom Shop S.G.

This guitar was built by the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville and finished in July/August 1997. It is to Tony’s specification and was the earlier of two prototypes of the Gibson Custom Shop limited edition Iommi Special S.G. Note that the peghead carries the Gibson crown inlay rather than the Iommi signature of the second prototype and the actual production run.

It was presented to Tony by Henry Juskewitcz (the chief of Gibson) at the Gibson / Volvo Guitar Exposition in Stockholm, Sweden in September 1997.


  1. Just watched 2013 Live concert footage. Awesome stuff, just wanted to know what the white faded paint cracking bad paint job, pick-guard cracked SG guitar Tommi was playing, not listed in the equipment list? Hope you play in OKC, OK. Have a great Tour! Thx Damon

    • I believe that you’re referring to his Jaydee custom “New Boy”. A replica of the old boy.

      Sorry, I know this post is really old.

  2. where is the picture of my favorite guitar?

  3. I have one

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