Happy New Year 2023

» Posted on Jan 1, 2023 | 4 comments

Happy New Year 2023 to everyone.

– Tony


  1. I’d love to jam with you

  2. All of my BEST greetings, to a “brother” from another mother, from the shores of that “other pond”, the Pacific! Lots of grand happenings that you’d regaled us with, and I’m glad that Brian May has finally been Knighted (Whoodahthunkit??); I can only pray that your new King will likewise . . . SOON . . . do the same for you (Since 1975, Tony, I’d seen you perform in California, mainly the S.F. Bay Area, THIRTEEN times, every appearance by YOU, a TREASURE!!)!!

  3. I wouldn’t know if a singer or singers have contacted to work on the next Iommi album. Someone who has a voice similar in style and tone to Ronnie Dio is Melody Cristea of Liliac. She did some one-off collaborations with Vinnie Appice, including some Dio Sabbath covers.

    • Metal’s most gracious man……

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