Headless Cross is 30!

» Posted on Apr 24, 2019 | 18 comments

Headless Cross is 30 years old, wow! The video shoot started at dusk and only finished when the sun came back up! We’d all had so much whisky to keep warm thank goodness we didn’t have to drive home.

— Tony

Photo (c) George Bodnar


  1. Love the album, Tony. Hope you, Tony, and Neil reunite for another round of shows.

  2. Headless Cross is an excellent set of masterful metal. Cheers to 30 years and let’s hear more with that lineup!

  3. headless cross is one of the best albums from sabbath together with heaven and hell mob rules maybe a reunion with tony martin

  4. Hi toni, I saw you at Newcastle City Hall on this tour,, the album and show, 100% pure class, though I wish you’d put cloak and dagger on it, excellent song, will you be doing a deluxe version of this album.?
    All the best, and thanks for all the years of brilliant music,

  5. I dearly loved this LP, so much great music with Tony Martin and Eric Singer!

    More please!

  6. What are you waiting yo regoin with Tonny Martin?

  7. Absolutely great album! Loved every track of it. Indeed would be great to have a reunion with Tony Martin and when you do, please come and play in the Netherlands!

  8. This was the album that reinstated the band’s reputation and restored faith amongst fans, there was a chemistry and hunger evident throughout the making of HC and the subsequent tour. Tony Martin was very well received by all and Cozy Powell’s commitment to the cause of putting Sabbath back on the International map was key. HC stands up well after 3 decades.

  9. I learned a lot of my drumming skills from many drummers and one of them who stood out the most was Cozy Powell. I love the thunderous sounds he makes on this album. May he rest in peace. I even named one of my drum solos after him called, “Pounding the Heavens.”

  10. Oh, yes how rude of me. Tony, you are my favorite guitarist of all time and of course Black Sabbath is my ultimate favorite too. Got to see you back in 1999 reunion tour in Toronto, Ontario. As usual you were very exceptional and a master of his own trade. Love your novel too. Now it’s time for you and Mr. Martin to kick some ass again. I think you should create a sound like you did on the fused album, heavy, crisp and up to date. Take care and all the best and best wishes from Newfoundland, Canada.

  11. Great album , Great era, Great singer
    Hope all the Tony martin albums get a vinyl reissue .

  12. Just three more years to celebrate me buying my first black sabbath album dehumanizer at an age of 15… (and still loving every second of it)

  13. I enjoyed too many many albums to be impartial, but Tony Martin was at the top of his game on this one and TYR. I’ll join the legions of fans pleading for a Tony/Tony reunion and new material. Thanks for the great songs!

  14. Saw the lineup in ’95. Motorhead opener & Cozy Powell on drums with Sabbath. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Rock on & thanks for inspiration

  15. Will tbere be a reissue of any non Ozzy Black Sabbath lps?

  16. Tony,
    This album is revered in my household. You and Tony Martin had really great chemistry. I’m hoping to see a remaster of the IRS records and a remix of Forbidden. These albums deserve it. Amazing stuff!
    Ogdensburg, New York, U.S.A.

    • Amen.

  17. Hi Tony glad to see you’re doing well and your ambition to create new music is still much alive. I ordered and received the deluxe remasters of Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules including the Super deluxe of Volume 4. They are blockbusters with new strength of dynamic sound quality. I am interested in the forthcoming releases of the Tony Martin era.

    I sincerely hope you make a new album down the line despite your broad interests in possibly using your riffs for film or TV. If you decide to do both, I hope the album comes first. I realize the death of Dio was an enormous loss to the Black Sabbath universe. Had he lived, I surely know a brand new album would have been made. When you lose a guy like Dio, you lose the engine of potential future album creation,his outstanding voice and creativity. There are other artists out there whom I am sue would like to work with you. How about Gene Simmons of Kiss? I am sure whatever the finished product is, it will be SPECIAL. God bless and take care, Vinny.

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