Children’s Hospital Big Bandage Day

» Posted on Mar 7, 2018 | 4 comments

Tony’s supporting Birmingham Childrens Hospital Big Bandage Day #BIGBandage18 @Bham_Childrens


  1. Great heart, great person.

  2. I love you Tony, you’re my idol xD

  3. Hello, I am a fan and a fan of Tony about 40 years ago. I have always followed his career as a guitarist. I love him. I hope he gets a solo album, I love his songs where he makes an eternal solo and I hope he lives up to 100 years doing music, Greetings to Tony and I wish him much happiness and health, he says goodbye to an admirer of his entire career.

  4. Hi Toni my 15 year old son ozzie loves your guitar playing, he is fighting leukaemia at the moment and I was wondering if you would be able to send him a guitar pick or two, if you have a spare pick for his younger brother Luke who is having a tough time without his family, thank you for your time, if you wish to follow this up I will send you my address, hope you are keeping well.

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