An Evening with Tony Iommi

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Come to “An Evening With Tony Iommi” – Sat 23 June at 7:30PM.

Following his sellout show in 2016, the legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is returning to the Town Hall for an amazing evening talking about his life and career, hosted by Gary Newbon. We’ll have video screens this time and Iommi merchandise.

“I’m really looking forward to being back at the Town Hall again – I had a great time last time and I’m ready to talk more about my experiences and answer some of your questions.” — Tony

You can get more info about this event here:

Photo by Dave Hogan.


  1. thats my birthday……but we will be comming from san francisco to see you at the opus… event on april 20th …..hope we get to meet you ….mark and julie

  2. Wish I could be there! Hope it is a blast for everyone. Thanks for sharing your experiences Tony…they are priceless.

    And you are the Ultimate Guitarist

    Peace and Love
    Peg Gagne

  3. Hi Tony, I grew up with your music…I started listening to Black Sabbath since I was 8 years old…I remember that I used to carry Sabotage under my arms and shared it with my friends, and new friends every where I walked in my city….San Salvador, El Salvador C.A. – then when I was 18 or so, I already got me a job in an office government desk, good pay, great parties, but I wasn’t happy…my goal was to go to the U.S. because I wanted to see Black Sabbath and other great bands in concert, so one night with a long jacket and a few bucks in my pocket I started my long journey to the U.S. crossing 3 borders…it was hard, so many things happened, some good, some bad, but after a few years I finally reached Los Angeles, California, now I have been residing in the City of Angels for many decades…I have seen most of the band’s I wanted to see in concert, I have gone backstage to greet great musicians….some of them are already gone to higher places…Dio, Greg Lake, Chris Squire…I got pictures with them backstage – but I never had the chance to see you backstage….yes I have seen you up close in concerts…(I’m the guy screaming in the pit C’mon Tony!) When you came to L.A. -the last time was at The End of concert in L.A.

    Tony, you are the Maestro and your music will be in my heart always, and in my Soul, and in my Spirit forever! -See you at the other side and we will be rocking forever!

    God Bless You!
    Long Live Rock ‘n Roll!

    PS. My dream will be completed when I see you playing Sabotage Live in concert…that would be an unforgettable kick ass concert Sabotage Live !

  4. Hi Tony ,is there any truth in the rumours about you possibly doing something with Rob Hallford ?
    And will you be doing any deluxe additions of Headless cross ,tyr etc ,
    Ps.wishing you good health .

  5. Please Find The Tapes and remix the true masterpiece that BORN AGAIN is . its never seen its true light. Its Gillans masterpiece vocally , and one of the best Sabbath records . I recently heard an unmixed version that gives me a perspective of how great the mix could’ve have been and with today’s technology this cd could finally enjoy its great place in Sabbath history !!!
    I know many fans that would be thrilled if it was remixed and the tune the fallen should be included also ! PLEASE PLEASE try to fnd the master tape as , surely they must exist !!! Your fans deserve to hear this fantastic cd the way it should be presented . I even have a cracker jack engineer in ct usa that is willing to give free studio time . he’s saved many great older recording including mine and is a fantastic engineer .
    Your Fan
    Ken Serio

  6. Hello,
    please forward best regards to Tony Iommi. And I humbly thank him
    for inspiring me (and many others) to practice and play.

  7. Trying to get your autograph for my autistic daughter. She loves Metal. Ty for all the great music

  8. Hi! When will Tony being doing an evening with again, and has he got plans on touring? Thanks \m/

  9. Hey Tony Iommi!
    Check the guitarist out on YouTube playing Black Sabbath songs on acoustical guitars with lead notes following the singing notes.

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