The Beginning of THE END

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It’s the Beginning of THE END.

It started nearly five decades ago with a crack of thunder, a distant bell ringing and then that monstrous riff that shook the earth. The heaviest rock sound ever heard.

In that moment Heavy Metal was born, created by a young band from Birmingham, England barely out of their teens.

Now it ENDS, the final tour by the greatest Metal Band of all time, BLACK SABBATH. Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler close the final chapter in the final volume of the incredible BLACK SABBATH story.

BLACK SABBATH’s farewell tour, THE END, begins on January 20, 2016 and it promises to surpass all previous tours with their most mesmerizing production ever.

When this tour concludes, it will truly be THE END,

THE END of one of most legendary bands in Rock ’n Roll history…

sabbath Photo credit: Mark Weiss

North American Tour Dates

1/20       Omaha, NE                   CenturyLink Center

1/22       Chicago, IL                   United Center

1/25       Minneapolis, MN            Target Center

1/28       Saskatoon, SK              Sasktel Centre

1/30       Edmonton, AB               Rexall Centre

2/1         Calgary, AB                  Scotiabank Saddledome

2/3         Vancouver, BC              Rogers Arena

2/6         Tacoma, WA                 Tacoma Dome

2/9         San Jose, CA                 SAP Center

2/11       Los Angeles, CA            The Forum

2/13       Las Vegas, NV               Mandalay Bay Events Center

2/15       Denver, CO                   Pepsi Center

2/17       Kansas City, MO            Sprint Center

2/19       Detroit, MI                   The Palace of Auburn Hills

2/21       Hamilton, ON                FirstOntario Centre

2/23       Montreal, QC                Bell Centre

2/25       New York City, NY         Madison Square Garden


Australia/New Zealand Tour Dates

4/15       Perth                           Perth Arena

4/17       Adelaide                       Entertainment Centre

4/19       Melbourne                    Rod Laver Arena

4/23       Sydney                        Allphones Arena

4/25       Brisbane                       Entertainment Centre

4/28       Auckland                      Vector Arena

4/30       Dunedin                       Forsyth Barr Stadium

More dates to be announced in October 2015

Details on Tickets, VIP packages and more for the North American shows can be found at:


  1. Please come to Denmark. It will be legendary

    • Please…you are very very welcome to Sweden again…

  2. no ROCK-N-ROLL HALL OF FAME city date(Cleveland)?

    • Seriously? NO Cleveland Date?? Ammmm I gooooing insaaaaane?

      • Come to Cleveland!!!!

  3. What . . . No Florida dates? Florida is a rock-n-roll state who has mad love for Sabbath! You can not go away without coming down here and letting us fans show you our love and respect, while also enjoying your music one last time! PLEASE COME TO FLORIDA!

  4. Please, please, PLEASE come to Athens, Greece! And I mean Athens, not Malakasa… How about the NEA Smyrnu stadium? 😛 Please come.

  5. Why are you not doing Sheffield uk i would have paid good money to watch Ozzy :'(

  6. come to Brazil!!!!! POA RS

    • please come to vacaria/rs . brazil

  7. And México what ?

  8. Come to Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil!!!
    Let’s go to fucking creazy!!!! \o/

  9. Please come to Stockholm!

  10. Plz come to India it’s my dream to watch black sabbath play live

  11. Pls tell me Ireland is on dis tour…….pls god

  12. R U Serious ….. NO SHOW IN BOSTON !!!!!!

    • hey tyler i questioned joe myself on the black sabbath website maybe he will know in the future but iT it does say more date to be added IT BETTER BE IN BOSTON FOR OUR SAKES DAM or maybe antoer venue like the casinos again pray

    • Boston is a 4-hour bus ride to New York. Just get on a bus.

  13. Please, come to Brazil again .black Sabbath is my favorite band .

  14. Please, come to Taiwan

  15. Please Come to sweden. Love you all including clufetos❤

  16. Is bill ward going to be in the band for this. I hope so or its not black sabbath.

    • Totally agree No Bill Ward No Black Sabbath

  17. My first Sabbath concert was in Bergen, Norway in 1970. I WILL participate in one of the last Sabbath concerts and celebrate with them, the most awesome musical sound on this or any other planet!! I hope to see you in Vegas or Denver!

  18. I hope you find time in your schedule to come and visit us here in Brazil

  19. Come down to Florida please~!!!!!!!!

  20. Are you guys comming to Norway??:)

  21. Stop asking them to go to your crappy towns, they are already traveling more than you have in your entire lives for this one tour, if you really love them thenake the trip out to where they’re playing

  22. I know that Brazil is not up to much, compared to other countries, but talking to a young diehard fan of 19 years, I beseech you !!! Come to Brazil, PLEASE! This will be my unique and last chance to see them! I want to know closely, as is watch the live Black Sabbath, something that never had a chance and just now, I will !! I want to be able to tell my kids in two decades, as it was to see Black Sabbath playing live in Brazil for the last time on this small planet called Earth. Please!! I beg them masters of metal, come to Brazil !!!! (preferably São Paulo :D)

  23. I missed you in Moscow last year. Come again.

  24. Per favore venite a Scandiano!! :))))

  25. Come to Brazil again!!! Come back to Rio de Janeiro please!!!!

  26. Hi Black Sabbath, I trust that you will come to Norway again!

    Thank’s Tony Iommi!!

    • Man, Bohagon used to be the SHIT growing up in Atlanta, paactiulrrly the Eastside. Lil Jon, Scrappy, Trillville, Crime Mob, ALL of them used to have the streets on lock.

  27. Please come to Warsaw, Poland!

  28. Please come to Florida!!!!

  29. I hope there will be UK dates!

  30. Please come to Monterrey, Mexico!! It will be amazing see you guys! I suppose to see ozzy in August 18th but he cancel 🙁 so I need to see black sabbath:'(

  31. Giuro che se venite a Bologna sarà un nuovo soldi out! Per favore!

  32. Please… Brasil!!!

  33. No dates set for my house??? OK. You guys got time to plan it yet.

  34. ARGENTINA…???

  35. Come to Nasville!!

  36. Come back to Tampa, FL this time so it’s not roasting hot. 🙂

  37. PORTUGAL deserves to be on this tour!!!

  38. no dates in Mexico?!!!

  39. Come to México agua in pelease. We love you. It us just a bit south from USA

  40. Thank you for every thing you are always welcome to Sweden again ! Come Bråvalla festival!

  41. You have to do Philly guys. You can crash at my place

  42. PNC arena awaits your arrival,,,Lets Rock and Roll Fellas…

  43. So where the fuck are the uk dates. The place that put you guys on the map and from where I have have followed you for more than 30 years.You better be playing the uk big time

  44. so sad this AWESOME band is close to the end…please come to Brazil!!!!

  45. What about Housyon Texas

  46. I hope and pray you’ll come to Philadelphia, PA. I have been a fan since I was 8 when your first album was released. And it saddens me this will be the end. But I will not miss this tour. Thank you so much for your music which has saved me more times than I can count. Sabbath is definitely part of me it’s part of my personality and spirit

  47. please come to Brazil … I’m 21 years old, never had the opportunity to see the live metal creators… :/

  48. PLEASE come to Ottawa, Canada.

  49. Please please please come to Bangalore, India

  50. Cmon mexico wants more sabbath

  51. what no upstate ny,first time i seen a concert was black Sabbath and blue oyster cult,Lebanon vally speedway,1978,would be nice to see you come tp albany ny at least.rock on.

  52. It will.gteat if we can see you one more time in AbuDhabi

  53. Want u in Stockholm please com,
    Rock n’ roll

  54. And what about Hungary? At least 100 000 fans waiting for you in Budapest!!!

  55. Please come to Tokyo JAPAN!! I’m delighted to hear that tour will begin, but I feel so sad to hear ”END”. I’ll go to see you over the sea, whether you come or not

  56. We really need you in the Balkans, please, come to Bulgaria/Romania.

  57. Please come to South Africa

  58. Come to Portugal!!!!

  59. Come to my house… for my 50th birthday! Big backyard, room for stage and kegs.

    I went to one of your concerts here and it was amaaazing! I gotta have this feeling once again! You guys rock <3

  61. SABBATH RULES! U gotta bring back Bill Ward for this last tour .It took all 4 of u guys to create that sound.its only right to end it with the original lineup.

  62. When can you purchase tickets for the Vancouver Show

  63. Please come to Alabama or a least somewhere near there. The closest you’ll be is Missouri and I have been boycotting that state since Ferguson and wouldn’t step foot in that hellhole of a state!

  64. Hi Tony, Hope your doing well. I’ve followed you and Sabbath since I was fourteen years old, with Ronnie, Ozzy, Ian, Glenn, Ray and Tony Martin, have all tbe albums and all lineups have been great. I’ve seen all your shows since 1980 in New York city and now in Florida. I’m 50 now and as passionate about Sabbath as I ever was. Black Sabbath without a doubt is my favorite band in the world. You have to come to Tampa, Florida. I’m hoping this will be one of stops when new dates are announced in October. I’m hoping there will be other projects or bands down the road. I wish you much success and good health in the future. There will never be another Tony Iommi, simply the best. Cheers!!

  65. Saw em in 1976 (I was 14) in KC at Memorial Hall with some band named Target opening up for em. So yeah that makes me older and cooler than all of you.

  66. no germany dates? its allright by me, we meet again in hell 🙂

  67. Oh no the time has come. Please come to Philly one more time.

    Will miss all of you terribly. Seen ya 8 times

    Good Luck

    All stay healthy and enjoy what you dreamed of and then earned.

    Love all of ya


  68. Just got tix to the Hamilton show on Feb 21. Love Sabbath, but my main reason for going is to thank you Tony for your music and for inspiring me to pick up the guitar and to rock with it these past 40 years. Wishing you happiness and good health. Luke.

  69. Toni Iommi and black Sabbath created the sound that bands like Metallica spent their whole career trying to copy. Toni is an amazing guitar player that can rattle the fillings out of your teeth with those power chords and at the same time rip up and down the neck in lightning speed making him untouchable as a guitarist. When Toni walks onto that stage, he demands and receives respect from fans all over the world. I wish them the best on this tour and please do not forget Boston

  70. I know this might be too much to ask, but please visit Bangladesh. It will be a dream come true for a huge number of fans in here. Cheers

  71. Please to come Rio De Janeiro-Brasil

  72. Plz come to seoul, korea.

  73. You don’t really mean that!?!?! Only one show in Germany ?????? Please come to Munich again, we all would receive you with open arms – you know that, right? Bavarian people love BLACK SABBATH! We really, really hope to see you next year.
    Please think of it again!
    Hopeful Greetings from Mary-Lou

  74. Tony, I have been an admirable fan of Black Sabbath since I was 12 years old. I realize the final tour of 2016 lies ahead and your approach going forwards is somewhat cautious considering your health. Do not worry, I know you and your band mates have Guardian Angels. If the band has triumphed for almost 50 years, (and they have)then your future is bright and promising. In my book, I view the name of Tony Iommi as the Black Knight of Rock and Roll whose guitar is a flaming sword burning in the hearts and souls for fans worldwide. I will always keep you in my prayers that your cancer stays under control. Lastly, I hope there will be a final album so its added to my collection of all the previous eras of Black Sabbath. From the dawn of the song titled Black Sabbath to this day, the band Black Sabbath will always be a part of me.

  75. Been a fan since 80 s, saw you at royal court Liverpool in late 80 s. Love Tony’s guitar playing, nobody better. Will try and catch the final tour. All the very best to Tony and the band. Good health.

  76. He drew the sword from the stone and forged a sound that sparked a guitar which sprung a well of diverse music which would be known as Black Sabbath.That is Tony Iommi. Tony, I hope despite the challenges of forthcoming 2016 touring, there will be a final Black Sabbath album. If you need any cathchy titles I thought of two, Dark Conclusion or Epilogue in Black. It would be an honor to add that last Black Sabbath cd to my already well established arsenal of Black Sabbath cds including your solo projects. This time of year I enjoy watching the old Hammer films with another knight who passed on, Christopher Lee. I am sure he is watching down with grandeur on your future. All the best, Vincent.

  77. Tony, I recently viewed a video snippet of you receiving the Les Paul Gibson award. My congratulations to your guitar playing spirit. Now that we are nearing the end of 2015, I feel confident that your future appears promising and bright facing the 2016 tour and solid hopes for a final album. The latest guitar model of the Signature Epiphone guitar appears masterful and chiseled to dominate the air waves. I wonder if you will use that on the final tour and next album. Whatever the choice, the end result is always dynamic!! You look good and stay well my friend, as always in my prayers, the best of luck and health.


  78. FLORIDA! Please add Florida dates. You’ve always come to FLORIDA why not one more time? You could sell out Orlando, Tampa, and Palm Beach with ease!

  79. Tony, I recently read an article on Ultimate classic that Ozzy declared no final album will be made by Black Sabbath. I understand the reality that Ozzy including the rest of the band has got older and like everything else in life, there comes a time to slow down and enjoy any other endeavors a person may have. However, I really hope with utmost hope that you (yourself) will make another solo album in the future. The previous releases of IOMMI and FUSED were blockbusters. I know if you wrote the music for another solo album and teamed up with a reliable showman, the results would be great. Guys like Ian Gillain, Jorn Lande or Glen Hughes would make sparkling candidates for a solo album. Speaking of Glen Hughes, he recently made an album with another impressive guitarist Dario Mollo called Waterfall under the band name Voo Doo Hill. Its great! Maybe you may want to pick up a copy on cd, The message I am trying to convey is although the climax is here, it does not necessarily mean a musician has to surrender his guitar to the grave. A man of your distinction and ability can definitely make it happen. I wish you the best and felt I just give you encouraging ideas in the face of Black Sabbath drawing the curtain. The best of luck and success always in my prayers, Vincent

  80. Tony, hope everything is well. Now that there is dismay surrounding no release by Black Sabbath. I believe there is a black sapphire light of hope. Why not take the previously unreleased tracks from the last album 13 and simply transfer them to the already released 13 cd and call it an extended version of 13 with previously unreleased tracks. I think Black Sabbath would just have to talk to the record company about that. I think its a great idea and it avoids the band writing any new material with any strain lifted off. It would be ashamed if those unreleased tracks never got heard by the dynamic Black Sabbath fan community. Please share this idea with Ozzy and Geezer. I realize the band is reaching the conclusion but that final black torch of hope would ignite a lasting Sabbath dynasty in the hearts of so many loyal Sabbath fans. (I cannot imagine it would take 3-4 years to do something like that (according to Ozzy) After all is said and done I realize Ozzy would pursue any ideas he may have with his own band which is great. Lastly, a solo album by you anytime in the future when the Sabbath fires draw to a close would be a monumental triumph adored by so many Sabbath fans. All the best and may the Sword of Sabbath be a sparkling Black Sapphire of hope wherever you may roam. Sincerely Vincent.

  81. Tony, I was listening to Reunion by Black Sabbath recently and reminisced how you guys reassembled when Ozzy returned to the dynamic camp of Black Sabbath. Various earth shaking tracks like Dirty Women and Fairies Wear Boots brought so much life to the Paranoid and Technical Ecstacy albums. Two interesting tracks Selling My Soul and Psycho Man were not live but good studio tracks as well. As far as the dismay now surrounding no release of a Black Sabbath album, a Live The End Album taken from one of the shows next year would not be such a difficult idea. Even the past unreleased tracks from the 13 album can be added to a potential live album. No new song writing or lyric writing would be needed. I really hope you share these ideas with the band (especially Ozzy)and perhaps the band would hopefully change their mind or you yourself can make a potential solo album if this never happens. Have a Great Thanksgiving this month and I hope 2016 finds your future promising and bright as a black sapphire. Sincerely Vincent.

  82. Cleveland Ohio? I realize the rock hall is a joke an a embarrassment an I can’t blame you for punishing them. But you have a tremendous amount of die hard fans here that are obsessed with Sabbath don’t punish us. We have always supported an we have beautiful memories an experiences together, can’t the road be one stop longer.

  83. Tony, I just want to take time to share a little inspirational poem with you;

    He clasps the guitar with sterling hands
    Close to a cracked sky he forged metal with his band
    Ringed with worldwide admiring fans he stands

    The amplifiers of distant years pierce the rock and roll halls
    Fire,ice and steel forged a stringed instrument that endures the call
    A mountain of black onyx beside him stands tall
    And from its towering height a sword named Grandeur falls.

    That is what Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath mean to me.

    The very best in your future, glad to see that a possible album by you or the band may develop down the road. Have a Great Thanksgiving.


  84. Tony, I recently read an article on a website called Metal Injection that the remaining Black Sabbath members are not interested in a follow up album from 13. However I am impressed with your affirmation that regardless what the other members think, you will do something (possibly a recording of your own) I am not surprised of your ambition and great destiny to fabricate something. Again the previous unreleased tracks can easily be tacked on to the already existing 13 album since the last album actually had a total of 16 songs. There is no doubt that the Black Sabbath community including myself would find it an honor of one more polished product from the Sabbath camp. May you find strength and triumph in your future and I hope you enjoy my inspirational poem from 11/19/15.

  85. Bob, I feel for you. It would be awesome if you could expilan to the church your need for a Sabbath and teach them to minister to you with a day off. Ben, Excellent thoughts! Thank you!Jeff, Wow! You are a great example. I’m sure your wife is very thankful!James, Thanks man! Your words made a difference today.Bill, Great to hear from you. I hope you had an awesome Easter at church.Bobby, Way to go! Sounds like you need a day off with all you have going.Matt, I’ve never figured out how to take two days off in ministry. Glad you are staying legal! 🙂

  86. Thank you so much for coming to NY sabbath lives for ever

  87. What about CUBA!!!!!!

  88. Im a huge Sabbath fan and have seen the band at least six times over the years. I am saddened that Bill Ward is not on this tour. I think that it will be regretted at some point. Its never to late though. Never Say Die

  89. First concert of my life was Black Sabbath at the Pabst theatre in Milwaukee , WI 69 or 70. The End, indeed.

  90. How about San Antonio, Texas? If you decide to play at least ONE Texas show, please, don’t make me have to drive all the way to Dallas or Houston!

  91. I am getting die to ee you in India. Why Black Sabbath Coming to India for “The End” Tour.

  92. Tony, Geezer and Ozzy. Thanks for everything you’ve contributed to music. Been a dedicated fan from the first sound of thunder. Had the privilege of seeing you live back in 72 and almost every North American tour since. 7 with Ozzy, 5 with Dio, 1 with Gillan, and 1 with Hughes. (None with Martin.) All great singers in my opinion. To make the last show the historic event it will be, Bill needs to take the stage one more time. If that doesn’t happen it will seem incomplete and somewhat disappointing. The four of you should consider this. Looking back on the bands from the era that Sabbath came from, not very may can say that all the original members are still alive. Tony, Geezer and Vinny got to play with Dio one more time. The four of you guys NEED to do it too thus closing the book on Black Sabbath properly. Pay Bill a million bucks, whatever needs to be done just do it. It started with four, it should end with the same four!!!!!

  93. Gedday Tony, I just wanted to say thanks for the recent concert at the Rod Laver arena in Melbourne, Australia. It was a great night. Thanks for the memories.

  94. Constantly I listen to Black Sabbath since 1973.. I was at a concert in Moscow 2016/07/12. Thanks!!!

  95. We had such a great time last night! Jaeden Rhodes Iommi Malin enjoyed the HELL out of his first concert ever and the most EPIC way to celebrate a fourth birthday… watching his ‘namesake’ play and jamming out wits mom, dad, and the Bros!:-) You’re the best, man! Maybe he will meet you someday… 😉

  96. We had such a great time last night! My son enjoyed the HELL out of his first concert ever and the most EPIC way to celebrate a fourth birthday (Tom and I chose “Rhodes Iommi” as his middle name…:) . Watching his ‘namesake’ play and jamming out with mom, dad, and his bros was amazing!:-) You’re the best, Tony! Maybe my little guy will meet you someday… 😉

  97. I’m a French fan of Black Sabbath since the beginning ,do you remember your concert with AC DC in 1977 at the Pavillon de Paris ? I was there and i’ll never forget … I hope to see you again in France ,thank you for your great career !

  98. Thank you for influencing my musical life.
    Thank you for coming to Brazil.
    What remains are the moments and legacy of Black Sabbath that is eternal.
    Thank you very much.

  99. Thanks guys. It’s my dream to see Black Sabbath live but I’m 15 so I can’t afford tickets. Guess I’ll find some other band.

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