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I just want to say thank you to all involved in ‘Guitar Star’ I really enjoyed it and the atmosphere was great – Edith Bowman, Huey Morgan and Jeff Horton; Sadia (shown with Tony), Jez and the Somethin’ Else team; Barbara Lee and Stuart Murphy from Sky, and of course the great guitarists who genuinely amazed me with just how good they all were. Keep playing! Tony.



  1. Iommi is god

    • Tony Iommi is undoubtedly GOD. GOD of wonderful, astonishing, great, stupendous, inspiring riffs, sounds and melodies. Great thanx for your ART an Life!!!
      Your Eternal Steadfast fan …


  3. After a decade of grinding out the most memorable riffs&solos(also known as the blueprint of Metal)He teamed up with Ronnie James and Tony took his guitar playing to another level. Those songs they made together are EPIC in sound.
    Heaven & Hell the band can not be touched. Tony created a janra of music and let others name it. True Guinness(forever indebted)
    …Michael Primo Vicario.

  4. Regarding the upcoming album – don’t go back to the style of the first album, no matter what your producers say. Sabbath has progressed far beyond that. Make this the heaviest work you’ve ever done, with elements from the ’80s and ’90s. Analogous riffs and solos of Heaven and Hell, Headless Cross, Born Again, Forbidden, etc. are what the new album requires.

  5. 8 de maio de 2009Eu vou curtir, adoro Sabbath, adoro o Dio, acho os caras puta mfasicos. Mas, ecunxsivamelte por conta do show ser no gigante Nilson Nelson (com capacidade pra 25, 30 mil pessoas), tenho a certeza mais serena que sere1 um fiasco de publico. Quatro mil seria um bom pfablico para uma banda ne3o te3o conhecida fora do universo metaleiro (ou de hard rock, whatever), mas o show tinha que ser num lugar menor. Je1 disse e repito: Brasedlia precisa de uma casa de show menor, pra abrigar shows como esse, do New Order ou mesmo um REM (que ano passado nao levou nem 3 mil ao rio de janeiro) ou um The Hives. Pelo pree7o que te3o cobrando, vai muito pouca gente. Tanto que pretendo, sem o menor medo de me lascar, comprar ingresso na hora e aposto que vou pagar menos do que o pree7o de face.Antes, de novo, de me detonarem, ne3o to falando mal da banda nem que ne3o existem fe3s dela aqui. Mas o show, repito, tem tudo pra ser um fracasso, pela combinae7e3o pree7o alto + show em lugar muito grande. c9 sf3 lembra o fiasco de publico que foi o new order.Se3o bandas excelentes, mas que, por desconhecimento ou amadorismo da produe7e3o local, ne3o team sua capacidade de arregimentar fe3s bem dimensionada. A banda ne3o tem culpa. c9 boa para caralho (com Dio ou Ozzy). E eu que tanto reclamo vou le1 conferir, mesmo sabendo que vai me dar um pouco de tristeza ver o gine1sio vazio.Abrae7e3o

  6. Toni, Thank you so much for all the inspiration you’ve given over my 50yr life so far. I bought my first record ever in my life at age 11-12 to the tune of “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” and was awestruck started playing guitar at 13yrs and didn’t realize your prowess until I was 20yrs of age. Then and ever since your sense of the Locrian as well as the other minor modes in your riffs seem to be so simple yet so genius at the same time. I’ve had a real love affair with the guitar myself with a club band career of over 30yrs. So to the point……… I just wanted to say thank you Mr.Iommi for the courage to excel and create music as you have. If I could have one wish in my lifetime it would be to sit for 10 minalongside you to write some any sort of a song or part there of. Know your writing and playing has touched someone!!!!! Sincerely Again ,Thank You. Bradley Grant

  7. Tony, when, oh when, is your Queen going to Knight you? You, your Nation, and, your/our common Fandom, CERTAINLY deserves it!!

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