Great Lefty Tribute CD

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A big thank you to everyone involved in the album, whether you’re a player or not.  I’m flattered and honoured to have this done by genuine fans not a label. I’d heard something was going on but wasn’t expecting anything this big.  There are so many of you it’s impossible to mention the complete list, but great to see old band mates Tony Martin and Vinny Appice getting involved and Mike Exeter producing. Although I understand she doesn’t want to take credit I don’t think it would have happened without Rosie Piergiorgi, and I’m really pleased that she chose to help Macmillan Cancer Support.  Go buy a copy, 20 tracks, great value and a good cause! And, please let us know your favourites.

Great Lefty: Live Forever Video

A few words about the "Great Lefty: Live Forever" charity tribute CD that is out now. You can pick up a copy here:

Posted by Tony Iommi on Sunday, May 17, 2015




  1. My beloved Master! This tribute was done because YOU are the greatest Man, Master and Genius who ever walked on stage. Because you have a kindest caring and loving heart, and angelic soul. Because you GAVE the world so much, that even you don’t realize. You are a Man who changed the world. Millions and millions of fans know that. You gave people inspiration, happiness, you gave them reason to live, you saved the lives. You must read fan stories every day on the fanpages, they are truly special. You DESERVE so much giving back, that nobody would ever be able to do. You are Eternal Idol to millions of human hearts! Heil Tony Iommi God Creator of Metal! We love you! \\m//

    • Hey Girl! I listened to the samples. Of course it’s all pretty good stuff. I can’t seem to purchase it on Amazon is my go to for everything. You have to put this album up there!

  2. So proud and truly honored. Rock on!

  3. Hi guys! That worth definitely every. cent you will spend on. That’s the best thing that happened in century. Never ever seen / heard any similar production in my life. That’s it. I love that community and the people that brought this to life.

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words about our tribute CD. We’re all smiles out here in Black Sabbath/Tony Iommi fandom. Your kind statement both validates our efforts and confirms our reverence for not only your legendary talent but also your encouraging humanity.

  5. Toni Hello, my name is Andrea (my mother called Iommi Lidia, and her father’s name Philip, my grandfather), we live in Rome, and about two years ago, by my cousin Carlo Iommi, you’ve written emails to come visit to your friend (and great drummer) Bill Ward, but then your health began to torment, so you are not able to come to visit us in Rome.
    I hope you are better if you have time and that we really want to meet you live, because until now we’ve seen on the disks.
    Thank you for your music, my son Luke (who plays guitar with Astral Domine, group he formed, and who wrote all the songs on the album Gloriae Arcanum, that you should listen) would really like to meet an uncle so exceptional, he will always followed as indeed I ….
    The Disco tribute I ordered it, I is yet to come, but I bought your book, “Iron Man” that is beautiful.
    Good blood does not lie
    I love you.

    Andrea Gagnoni

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