Black Sabbath First Album

» Posted on Feb 13, 2015 | 14 comments

The album ‘Black Sabbath’ was released today 45 years ago – where’s the time gone?

Black Sabbath


  1. My all-time favourite guitar solos are NIB’s. So musical, and powerful. Hair stands on the back of my neck every time I hear them.

  2. I can still picture the room I first heard this album in – and even after all this time the hairs on the back of my neck still try to rise whenever I hear the first track. Pure brilliance!

  3. this is the album thatchanged my life!

  4. Happy Birthday to Black Sabbath and heavy metal as a derivate of Sabbath’s music! Happy Birthday to you, beloved Maestro! I wish you to live forever in God’s grace and happiness! Tony Iommi – the most gracious and influential man in rock!

  5. Listened to it when I was 10.
    Saw Sabbath on H & H tour in 1980

  6. This album is a masterpiece!!!

  7. A totally original album. Raw, rough, basic, yet enthralling. From the rain and thunder intro (so bleak and dark) to the last notes of The Warning (or Wicked World depending on which issue is being listened to) this album says it all. I would stare at the cover whilst listening to it, getting lost in those woods with the ghostly woman in black. A total classic. The true beginning of heavy metal music.

  8. Happy birthday Sabbath this album completely changed my view on music from the beginning of the church bells and the thunder to the exploding opening riff it blew my mind that one riff that first album made me an instant Sabbath fan.
    Tony iommi is a living legend and no one else could do it as well.
    Fingers crossed for a new album.

  9. Scratches an itch in the center of my bones

  10. man u rock
    u did u do n u will
    <3 from france

  11. Black Sabbath 1.0. He came , he delivered. He’s a consumate live performer a journeyman songsmith. A mighty bullwark in the anals of hard rock music. No bullshit , no gimmicks just an never ending cadre of heavy as fuck riffs rolled into the most testosterone laden songs the world of hard rock music has ever produced. Ladies and gentlemen I bring you Tony Iommi.

  12. I love Tony Iommi’s Black Sabbath. In Heavy Metal only exists one really God and his name is Black Sabbath. High from México.

  13. A timeless masterpiece standing beside the records of The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s….”, Pink Floyd’s “Animals” and Miles Davis “Bitches Brew” in my record collection!

  14. best of everything to ya!!!!! thanks for the riffs“` i grew up on those riffs

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