New Interview with the Mirror

» Posted on Jan 8, 2015 | 7 comments

There is an interview with me out today over at the Mirror talking about my cancer treatments.  You can read it here.


  1. dear mr. tony iommi , I have to say that your music has eternally influenced and saved my life in so many uncountable instances ! you have been my favorite guitarist since I was three years old ! I spent most of my teens years being inspired and looking up to your ability, as I was hoping that I was becoming a pretty good guitarist myself. and in my late twenties, my hands became disabled due to an early childhood neck injury and I thought that my life was so empty not being able to play for so many years. just doing my job was so hard and painful- I had to relearn in different fashions how to do everything not using my fingers in every aspect of my life. it was the hardest part of my life- and i was so terribly depressed for years. then one day after about ten years, i read an article about the prosthetic fingertips that you made for yourself and I became so enthralled that I started making myself practicie everyday, no matter the pain or frustration- I decided that I was on a mission to play again. so one morning, not so long ago ,I picked up my dusty guitar and I could hear ORCHID playing in my head – and I played it. most of it anyway. I had to check on YouTube for a few specifics ! anyhow I’m still rusty as hell- but have been so entirely inspired by you. I have even had the pleasure of seeing my own children , brothers and cousins play your music on their guitars. so – you also run in my family. i want to tell you that I appreciate your talent, ability and perseverance and how much it has inspired and driven me in my own time. i love you for that , and thankyou.
    i hope that you are not in pain and I can only imagine that you are among loved ones- and are satisfied. I don’t even know if you will actually get to read this- but somehow I just had to try to tell you that you changed this poor south carolina girl’s life forever the very first time I heard your music. I so wish I could shake your hand. I am wishing so much love and peace to you , mr iommi.
    layla carrabotta schmitt

    • . All the best to you, riff-lord Tony, thank you for bringing so much joy into my life and sharing your gift with this world; impossible to put into words how much your music means to me. I’m sure he read your letter Layla, that was beautiful. I learned “solitude” on acoustic this morning due your post, “orchid” is up next.

  2. Nothing but BEST WISHES TONY.

  3. Good to hear you are okay Tony. Can’t wait for the next Sabbath album:) By the way if you are not on it already, a Ketogenic diet is a good cancer fighter. Wishing many years of good health.

  4. Prayers go to you Tony ! We hope to see and hear more from you and the original 4 as soon as possible ! You’re the best my friend !

  5. I have been a fan of yours from the start. Your music, your iconic sound and Sabbath has given me relief from the realities of life when I’ve needed it most. I still listen to your music and after all these years it still amazes me as it did in my youth. Stay well, keep cranking the mind boggling riffs and I’ll continue to be one of your life long fans. God bless you Tony…….walt

  6. Hi Tony. Just want to wish you well with your treatment. First heard you in school when the Paranoid album came out. Our music teacher allowed us to listen to it. Her face was a picture! Then I heard Planet Caravan and was hooked for life. Thanks for the music.

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