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A collection of snaps of Tony over the years.

This is a collection of snaps of Tony over the years, sorted by category.

Saying Goodnight on final gig of tour

Black Sabbath “13” Tour

Miscellaneous Pics

Miscellaneous Pics


  1. Tony and Sabbath Geez,Ozzy,and Bill were my idols since I was 14 yrs. old and still are. I caught the 13 tour in Philly being from Pennsylvania. I am now 54 years old and still following the ultimate band. Would like to meet Tony or Geez or all of you. Looking forward to new album and final tour. GOOD LUCK Health and Blessings to all of you


  2. Love the Photos, more older Photos, like from before the band was formed and early band Photos, from the first couple of years’ . Also Photos of your rigs early and what you’re playing now. Thanks


  4. Tony I was a band mate of Barry Ambrosio,i was wondering if youcould post a picture of him on my facebook timeline .I never saw him again. He went on,and I went to Viet Nam .ps. my timeline has the only record we made then. thanks in advance John.



  6. Hello Tony, I Thank God for the strength and exemplary perseverance you have shown over the years. I am a Musician, guitar & drums – (Who has always loved your massive, unique and signature riffs), who has been listening to everything you have done since I was a little kid growing up hard in New England. I am now a Christian Pastor who has prayed for you just about everyday for nearly 40 plus years, hard to believe but true. I knew God would help you kick the cancer – and your best riffs are still to come. God bless, stay strong – and thanks for all the good work you do for others around the world. David.

  7. Came to the show at Aragon Ballroom. Missed Motorhead. Sabbath we’re great.

  8. To Tone

    I live in Birmingham (UK) lived in Beacon Road, Kingstanding and have been listening to Sabbath all my life. I used to see you drive past my house when I was a kid so feel I can just tell you how it is ar kid.

    “Take Bill to a boozer in Brum, have a beer and sort this crap out, will ya?”

    If he isn’t bashin the skins when you are in town for the last gig, I ain’t comin!

    I speak for a load of people in Brum, it needs to happen geez……

    Luv ya.


  9. Hi Tony – just saw you last night in Vancouver and was about 20 feet away from you. Fantastic show and you look great.
    Been a huge fan since I bought the Evil Woman single when I was 9 back in 1969. Still have the Black Sabbath and Curved Air poster from back then too.
    Hope you guys reconsider and do another tour. Good health to you all!

  10. Hi Tony-love the way you play that guitar. Brilliant.. Hey why isn’t there any photos of your ex wife Melinda Iommi. We want to see her model pictures. Isn’t she the mother of your daughter Toni Iommi. Would love to see pictures, and i’m sure all your fans will too.

  11. Hey Tony, I have been a life long fan since you guys started, and have seen you guys many times throug the years. Just saw you last noght in Noblesville Indiana and I have to say it was the best show I have ever seen, you guys played like you were twenty yesrs old. I took my brother who is also a huge fan but had never been to see you, he also said it was the best show he has ever seen. I just hope this is not truly the end because we have still not had enough. We love you guys, thanks for tje many years we have enjoyed listening !

  12. I’ve been a lifelong Sabbath fan. What you guys have done to Bill Ward is sickening. The way you treat your brother, I’m at a loss for words. You should feel very very ashamed of yourselves. It’s not black Sabbath without Bill. Money grubber’s.

  13. Hello Tony,
    Been a fan since the good old days in 1972. I am just an amateur player on a good day. About two weeks ago I took delivery of your latest Epiphone SG LTD.
    I play this beast thru a VOX VT40X modeling amp and cannot describe some of the sounds emanating from the Vox unit. Sends chills down my spine and thru my mind. Almost like Dio’s voice when you guys killed it at Radio City Music Hall in 2007.
    Thank you for working with Gibson & Epiphone and producing this magnificent guitar. I’ve been playing it more than my Epiphone Plustop Pro. Peace be with you and yours my Brother.
    Jim C.

  14. Um gênio….. o melhor dos melhores.

  15. One of the greatest band ever. Toni is a very great player. Probably one by one are good, but when they are together are one of the best. Thank you for all your songs.

  16. Fine, “Wall-crush” sound was in everytime! Im lefty player also, and for me you really important and interesting man from 8-years old my age. Thanks, be forever like now)))

  17. Your electric guitar playing is beautiful and awesome,
    looking forward to reading your relatively new book.
    Many congratulations on your recent university degree!

    • Thanks for the music ☺️

  18. Tony!!!
    Number one guitar!!!
    Fan absolute……………………..
    I love Tony Iommi!!!

  19. Just finally caught “The End Of The End” concert on Showtime here in Florida. Tony is a phenomenal guitarist, still very attractive and handsome as well. I Loved seeing Tony, Geezer and Ozzy together again!!! I’ve followed you guys for decades and Ozzy “nailed it”when he stated, “IT WAS MAGICAL”. Y’all played together as though it was pure MAGIC and I mean, YALL WERE AND STILL ARE THE GREATEST OF THE GREAT . LOVE YALL SO SO MUCH AND BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FUTURE. (Tony, I pray that “The Lord will Heal You And Keep You Strong.” )

    Signed by: The Hugest Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi Fan In The Whole State Of Florida (US). Joy ❤️ ?

  20. loved their music forever. time to finally see them. Me and my missus will be there. Love u . Love your work. Technical Ecstasy is technically ecstatic. woo the crowds. Absolutely Fabulous

  21. You have to be tuff to get old— that’s what my mom use to tell me , you have been tuff from day one , I can hear it thru your rig , what a great thing to give people —- thanks you

  22. happy birthday tony! and many more. I have been a lifelong fan. so much so that I have custom vanity license plates on my car that read Iommi 1. and yes you are number 1 for sure. thanks for everything and know that in the great state of Mississippi on the back of my car your name is immortalized!

  23. Hello Mr. Iommi !

    My wife just bought me the Paranoid CD for my (62 birthday)
    because it was the first LP record I ever bought in 1970.

    I really have a great deal of respect for you after watching a biography
    about you. You really struck me as a soft-spoken/well spoken English gentleman.

    I owe my love for the guitar love to you.

    Thank you !

    Cleveland OH USA

  24. Hi Tony,
    I am from Yardley Wood, Birmingham where I have listened to Black Sabbath since I was a nipper as my Dad was and is still a big fan.
    I just want to thank you for being an inspiration to myself as music is what is getting me through depression and with being a fellow guitar player I hope that the music I play can inspire another era.

  25. Hi Tony.

    I have always been a great fan of the Black Sabbath and your original guitar style that became known as Heavy Metal (I am 63 yrs old, a guitarist, and began jamming along to your stuff since the age of 14).

    I bought an Epiphone TI Signature SG recently and must say I love the feel Of it (after a little setup tweaking) and the sound of those beautiful TI/Gibson PUPs!

    Only problem is though, Epiphone seem to have stopped putting the Cert of Authenticity with Serial number and your picture in the package. Bit disappointed as it’s supposed to be a signature guitar! Can’t get a response from Eli/Gibson right now.

    Anyway, all the best to you and keep on Rockin’

    Kind Regards

  26. hey tony, I just wanted to thank u for inspiring me to play guitar, you’re my favorite guitarist, love u tons <3 take care

  27. Happy birthday Tony, 73 today. Have a great day! You don’t know me but I have seen Black Sabbath so many many times from 1970 through to your final concert at the NEC B’ham on 4th Feb 2017 that I feel like I know you! Thanks for giving me so much pleasure over the last 51 years!

  28. I´m a huge Black Sabbath fan since my teenage years. I was in a Heaven and Hell gig in Brazil many years ago, and was one of the best gigs I´ve ever see.
    I´m desolated you guys don´t have a professional photographer in your gigs, so many opportunities to create iconic images lost…
    Hugs from São Paulo, Brazil.

    Fora Bolsonaro!

  29. Tony,
    I’ve loved your music for the last 45 years! I find it very uplifting, if that makes any sense. Many people have tried to capture your unique guitar tone and feel, but nobody comes close. You really are the best at what you do. I love “Scent of Dark” , it’s simply the most powerful piece of music in the last 10 years-Give us more!!!
    Thanks again for all the enjoyment, I appreciate your talent.

  30. Happy birthday Tony,
    Best wishes
    From Paul
    Cally’s Dad 🙂

  31. PLEASE remix Born Again!

  32. Born Again, when l bought It l said myself “what a pity, best album ever but strange sound, not balanced”. Anyway, Tommy Iommi has invented/created the music we all know in the seventies, but later on he has made It at his best. Born Again, Dehumanizer, Heaven and Hell (the Devil you know) are…masterpieces. Bravo Tommy

  33. Hi Tony, I’ve admired your guitar work for many years. I have 6
    of your signature guitars, and play them all as well as other SGs that I
    I have bought that were in local music stores.
    I’m a Christian, and have been praying for your salvation for many years, as well as when cancer was found. I consider the cancer in remission
    a miracle. Jesus paid for your, mine and everyone’s sin. It’s not what you know,
    It’s who you know. No sinners will be in heaven. Only forgiven sinners. I hope you ask Jesus Christ in your heart. He cleans the sin out, no earth born religion can do that. Only Gods Son.
    I really loved the music you did with Dio. Your guitar work was really impressive. I know your touring days are done but I hope there might be an album of new music out. Keep playing. Mike.

  34. My friend
    U got me started on the guitar.
    Lets talk

  35. Hello, during the Heaven and Hell – Die Young (Wacken Festival 2009) what tuning is Tony in? It sounds lower than the studio version which I think was in D sharp.

    Also, I am very much enjoying my Anno Domini CD box set which is awesome. Thanks for the music.

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