IRS 7243-8-37532-2-2
Released March 1, 1995

Track Listing

  • Get A Grip
  • Can’t Get Close Enough
  • Shaking Off The Chains
  • I Won’t Cry For You
  • Guilty As Hell
  • Sick And Tired
  • Rusty Angels
  • Forbidden
  • Kiss Of Death
  • Loser Gets It All – Japanese CD Only


  • Tony Iommi – Guitar
  • Neil Murray – Bass
  • Cozy Powell – Drums
  • Tony Martin – Vocals
  • Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards
  • Ice-T – Guest Vocal on “The Illusion of Power”


  • Produced by Ernie C
  • Engineered by Bobby Brooks, Andrea Wright, & Phill Luff
  • Recorded at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool & Devonshire Studios, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mixed at Ridge Farm, UK
  • Mastered at the Townhouse, London by Geoff Pesche

Tony’s Thoughts

Tony’s thoughts forthcoming.

Forbidden Band

1 Comment

  1. A bloody good album, I like it a lot. A solid production with some really good tracks. I enjoy this as much as Cross Purposes, Dehumanizer, Headless Cross etc. It has a better sound then the drum-overpowered Tyr and the tinny under-produced Dehumanizer. I didn’t hear this album until this year when I bought a cassette copy, I had let others opinions and crap reviews put me off – big mistake. A great hard rock album.

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