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dorians Tony also co-wrote (but did not play) the song “Lonely Planet” with the band “The Dorians” for the 2013 Eurovision Contest.


  1. Although this may sound like I’m taking the p this is a genuine question.
    I’m a guitarist who has lost a portion of my right index finger. I know Toni had to deal with finger damage (much more serious than mine). I can still play but it does cause problems. Can he offer any advice about where to go for prothetics?
    Any pointers as to where to start looking?
    Many Thanks

  2. I am 57, and grew up listening to Back Sabbath, and back in the 70’s, when I heard the song Warning, that sealed it for me. Toni Iommi is by far the greatest rock guitarist of all time, and he keeps getting better, a true natural giutarist. Now I need to put the headphones on, and rock out to some of his tunes. Thank God I don’t have to work today, because there are so many great ones.
    Thank you Toni

  3. Tony Iommi Is The Best Guitar Player In The World! I Have Met Tony Twice Before. I Will Never Forget It!

  4. 1998. My life was quite normal, I was a 18 year-old student who always dreamt to play the guitar in a rock band. But I felt I needed some inspiration to write some songs, it was lacking something. So, in a day in that year, I borrowed the Sabbath Stones, a collection of Black Sabbath classics from a classmate. My world instantly turned upside down when I listened to its first song, which was Headless Cross. What a riff! I listened to the entire album and I got caught by the fourteen songs on it. Later, I bought my first guitar, founded my own band and Tony Iommi has always been my source of inspiration to write my own tracks since then

    Thank you my idol, you are the Almighty Riffmaster and the Supreme Inventor of Heavy Metal. You shall ever be the heaviest of the heavy.

  5. Saw you play Dunedin NZ, my life is now complete.
    That show was the perfect performance from all of you. Thank you for what was a brilliant show.
    I do apologise for apathetic Nz students who may not have appreciated the setlist as much as I did. I did make sure to stomp on/ punch a few whilst trying to signal my appreciation. Cheers Tony, pass on my regards to Geezer, Ozzy and all the crew.

  6. Tony, why did you have to go and do Bill Ward like that? I wanted Black Sabbath, not some bozo behind you monkeying what Bill might have done. Why do you guys do Bill like that?
    You dont call him for Ozzfest even. Then have your wifes/managers reply to him with official faxes. Then you call him that everyone missed him. Are you like taking the mickey? Then this BS about Bill not cutting it.
    Anyway, so I needa know why d’you do Bill so rotten-like?

  7. I’m surprised this doesn’t include his live TV recording with Jethro Tull

  8. Saw Sabbath for the first time in Chicago in the late seventies, Van Halen opened for you, great show. saw you for the last time in Chicago, January 2017 on the “End Tour”. Great to come full circle with the best metal band ever!

  9. ‘Hard life, living the hard life
    I can’t resist, I’m falling to the danger zone’
    Thank you, Tommy.

  10. I dont have a good line to start, but i have to say that Mr, Tony is one of the biggest influences of my love to the metal . Every riff , every solo is just art, Thanks to you master Iommi.

  11. I have been playing guitar for 30+ years because you inspired me to just go for it. When my cousin turned me on to Sabbath and told me about your accident, I just couldn”t believe it. I went out the very next day and bought Vol. 4 . It is still my favourite album and I still listen to it at least once a week, sometimes more. I can”t possibly find the proper words to thank you for a lifetime of the greatest hard rock ever recorded. and proving that NOTHING is impossible if you really want it. Happy belated birthday. Sab Fan 4 ever.

  12. Tony is the greatest guitarist in the history of metal, I saw him play in Uk, NuevaYor, Las Vegas and in Mexico City, it’s always magical to see him play.
    Tony, thank you for your great contribution to music.

  13. I never heard the Dorians. Can they jam!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. what is Tony iommi,s fan mail address does he accept fan mail

  15. Although I was aspiring to play a Hendrix style, you were a stepping stone to that goal. I always thought the Sabbath sound was perfect with Ozzie’s voice and your guitar…..and unmistakable. Now, of all my guitar heros only you and Gilmour are still around. I am also a left-handed player. Thanks for all those great riffs – you are amazing

  16. hello toni.

    when comes the remixing album from black sabbath , forbidden?

    greats marcel klasens.

  17. Hi Tony, glad to see you are actively well especially during this difficult time frame the world is facing regarding the corona virus. I saw your latest interview regarding the SG Gibson exact replica you used to create the first few 70’s era classic Sabbath albums. The finished guitar named Monkey is like your Sword that paved the path to greatness. What a beautiful red color too with jagged body shape.

    Your recent interview with Richie Faulkner was very insightful. When the time is ripe for you to make a new album with some rock giants out there, I hope the razor blade riffs will be used to a high extent especially since you said several times you have many in your current possession. The thought of mingling string sections in to potential songs sounds interesting too. I’m sure your endless ability to produce hard core rhythm with razor riffs coupled with mellow stings will forge forth a great product of music.

    Hail to the Black Knight of Rock and Roll and that is Tony Iommi

  18. Tony, glad to see you are well especially during this difficult time of the corona virus affecting our world. I saw your recent interview displaying the famous Gibson Monkey replicated guitar which was forged to make the first Black Sabbath albums from the 70’s. I thought your interview with Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest was thorough and insightful illustrating the greatness of the Black sabbath history. I am delighted to see your ambition on forging a potential musical project like a possible album in the future. Your interest in applying a possible string section including razor blade riffs in the compilation of songs would be really explosive. I can’t wait to get a copy of the remastered edition of the Forbidden album. It should be a polished gem.

    The Monkey guitar really symbolizes the weaponry of the music Black Sabbath forged in early as well as modern times. Hail to the Black Knight of Rock and Roll and that man is tony Iommi!!

  19. Reproduction of the Tony Martin era on vinyl would be Nice.
    I miss them on Spotify too.
    They are too good to be forgotten

  20. Just be well…regards from a lifetime fan…


  22. Please make the Iommi albums available for digital purchase!

  23. Dear Tony, I admire you very much, Jesus is with you, and with your family, Love and Peace.

  24. i am a life long sabbath fan but recently i have been a little nostalgic and have been trying to find the original ” we sold our soul for rock and roll ” album with the original pictures inside -got the album but when it arrived it did not have the pictures also same with ” volume 4 ” i recently bought the ” hand of doom ” box set but ” volume 4 ” there did not have the original pictures and bought it again separatley again it did not have the pictures there-in . theres bound to be a name for it so i could search for it ??? can you help ? keep on rockin ! D.W.

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