Ernest Chapman

» Posted on Jan 15, 2022 | 2 comments

I’m sorry to hear that my long-term manager, and Ralph’s business partner, Ernest Chapman passed away this morning. A very successful lawyer as well as a manager, he was a rock for me in a difficult time in my career. Despite being from completely different backgrounds we really bonded. He will be sadly missed and my condolences to his wife Christie and the family.



  1. Dear Tony, I am also sending my condolences to all Chapman family and friends. As I used to see him and Ralph Baker so many times when they were with Jeff Beck.
    Ralph,was always looking after the best interest of his people, and will be missed by many. Sorry for the loss of a very special friend.
    I left this many months after, but time will not forget.

  2. Hi Tony

    I used to spend time, as a child in the mid 70s, with Ernest’s former wife Jane and their children Jessica and Tom in Heathfield, Sussex. I’m trying to track them down – would you have any info I could use in that quest by any chance please?


    Tim Sewell

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