Scent of Dark

» Posted on Nov 25, 2021 | 17 comments

Introducing ‘Scent of Dark’. A fusion of new Iommi music, video and unique fragrance blended by Xerjoff’s Sergio Momo with major input from Tony.

Scent of Dark Music Video:


Tony and Sergio discuss the evolution of their project ‘Scent of Dark’

Photo (c) Max Sticca


  1. So great to hear you play some new music…fantastic tone and feel. Always loved your style and bluesy base to the hard rock. Love the lack of effects and just good playing. Only downside…I wish there was more! Big fan since a kid and you’ve always been a huge influence on me and my own playing. I think I learnt how to transition from the a minor pentatonic on the 5th fret to the 7th by trying to learn your Paranoid solo!!! Keep up the great work and sharing your talent and passion! (fan from Australia)

  2. great track Tony, nice job on the arrangement. i hope soon you will put out a full length album and include this track. long time fan. sincerely, mike m.

    • I agree, Scent of Dark song is great and hope it goes on a new future LP

  3. Just outstanding once more. Also, maybe time to do an instrumental album? This track goes to show how incredible your riff making brain is. Live long and rock.

  4. What a wonderful tune ! A real honey for my soul. Is there any further plans for a new album or physical release as a single ?
    Greetings from Moscow !

  5. Graet Song – unfortunately I can’t get hold of it. Should be available as download from amazon and other shops. Guess I’m not the only Sabbath- and Iommi completist or am I?

    • Absolutely brilliant love to hear more like this

  6. Where can I buy the fragrance “Scent of Dark” ?
    Iommi is the Greatest, MY FAVORITE ALWAYS !
    Met him at his book signing in 2011 in Huntington, NY

  7. Simply brilliant. I am 65 and you have been my rock hero for last 50 yrs Bought my very first Sabbath album 1971. Tony , you have never let me down. Rock on !!


  9. There I was driving to work listening to Planet Rock and on came “Scent of Dark”…….my jaw hit the deck a WTF moment. Superb sound.

    I nearly crashed as I kept looking at my radio to get the track description.

    No more crashing!, downloaded and added to my best instrumentals playlist.

  10. Will the cologne be for sale? I cant seem to find it anywhere
    Anyway God bless the great Tony Iommi!

  11. Hi. I’m working on an authorised biography of Jethro Tull (I can provide bona fides from Ian Anderson’s manager if required) and I wondered whether Tony might talk to me about his brief time with Jethro Tull, or perhaps answer a few questions if I sent them through?

  12. A very unique and powerful track from the guitar monster and genius Iommi. I hope that this will lead to an album.
    Thank you sir…

  13. Great tune! Any plans for a new album? Any plans to tour or record with Glenn Hughes?

  14. Hail Tony the iron man!

  15. I love this so Famn Gard! Masterpiece💯
    Thank you for what I refer to as Treasures!
    Rock On!

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