Black Sabbath Bench Reinstalled in Birmingham

» Posted on Jan 14, 2021 | 3 comments

Tony Iommi talks Black Sabbath as band’s ‘heavy metal’ bench reinstalled in Birmingham


  1. Ah, you wonderful gentle man! In my youth it was my brother and best classmate who introduced Black Sabbath in my music listening world – and I actually detested Ozzys voice n way of singing. Then. But the bands music slowly grew on me – and has continued forever to do so.

    I was – and am – a quite hardcore Deep Purple fan and all years Ritchie Blackmore was my guitaring house-god. Loving his sometimes laidback playful young cat style of guitaring so much. Of course I like many other fab guitarists, only late “discovering” truly the genius of Jimi Hendrix and taking it to heart.

    All the time – you Tony “was there” as I eeenjoooyyy your heavy leaden riffs, style, sound. That is a niche you very much carved out by yourself. Last two years I have – with a chuckle – been checking some of your guitaring out, as I play some little myself. Why my happy mischevious(?) grin; well – I must say – you are REMARKABLE. As I discovered that how CRAPPY sounds you chose to use sometimes when creating songs. The guitar does not appeal at all to my ear… …and yet you darned well create MAGIC. Making it – not only work – but making songs be masterpieces. Yup, despite the “muhum” sounds. I think you are a unique guitarist. Among my say top 5 in the world, the best being on my daily form or preference what feels good on a certain day. I feel quite humbled by your talent. And love your inspiring creativity. Both the heavies – your “brandmark” – and also the sheer light picking in softer moments.

    Thus – I thank you Tony – for making my world a bit wider and by pointing me to ways of making me feel good. Music creating builds back a lot of my withered selfassurance and the sessions with my best buddy Brehmer is balm for my soul. It wouldn’t be without the likes of you, Ritchie and others. I wish and hope that you are as well as can be and that there is still some embers burning inside; any new tunes are for hungry ears of us who like you. Keep your creative tap running on “fully open”! Cheers, gentle man.

  2. Tony Iommi!! The master of time and sound!
    “Master Of Reality”.!!!!! Rock On Tony, Rock On!
    Michael D’Antonio
    Brooklyn, NY

    • Neverending gratitude and blessings from GOD upon you Tony for the awestruck Inspiration, Joy and pure Bliss your music has brought to the Earth and Universe thru you and your guitars! Never before nor since your first album has such supernaturally inspiring and SPECTACULAR BEYOND BELIEF sound entered the brain and mind of man. Whether it is solely your Special Gift from GOD or has been enhanced by “the FIFTH
      member of the band” who you allude to in your enlightening book, YOU are not only the GREATEST GUITARIST ever but in a CLASS ALL BY YOURSELF when it comes to creating the most unique, especially moving and Divinely Inspired (including Terry’s LYRICS) music ever recorded or heard! No other guitarist is capable of reproducing your sound nor do they sound ANYTHING like your Greatness when they try. Your music is truly irreplaceable and your sound
      NON-DUPLICATABLE. May not only your legend grow but the Truthfulness of your Supreme Greatness live FOREVER! With
      much love, gratitude and appreciation for enriching the world and blessing my life, Steve Keynon

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