Charity auction commencing Monday

» Posted on Apr 4, 2020 | 14 comments

We were about to announce a charity “evening with Tony Iommi” to raise some money for the Birmingham hospitals, when this awful virus struck. Now as all charitable events have been cancelled, I wanted to still do something to help. So, I’ve put a few things together of my own up for auction. All the money raised will go to the Birmingham’s Heartlands hospital charity.

Please! I hope that you can help, they really do need our support ! Without these doctors and nurses, what would we do….we owe them so much! Tony


  1. Great action Tony !
    Maybe in the future, you could make an evening to support Birmingham hospitals. I’m sure they would need it too.

    • I think you will find Tony is doing this for Birmingham hospitals ? this time …!!!

  2. Amazing idea, Tony!

  3. Hi Tony.
    Great idea. But is there a link to the auction?
    Greatz Eddy

  4. You’re a good man Tony. Count me in!

  5. Bless you Tony!!! You have a heart of gold!

  6. Great man Iommi!

  7. Fantastic !
    Can’t wait to bid on a pair of fairy boots

  8. We love you Tony! Thank you for taking this action.

  9. Thanks Tony, when this lockdown is over you should organise one kick arse show! £50 to £100 a ticket that would raise some cash for the NHS. All the best pal

  10. Please write auction link.

  11. Grazie Tony, hai un grande cuore!

  12. Hi Tony, glad to see you are well during this lock down period. I saw and heard your interview with Eddie Trunk and was captivated by your motivation to create some superb music project with the inventory of fine guitar riffs you have. I hope in the coming months there is further information on the release of the remaster of the Forbidden album. I look forward to getting it on cd and listening to a polished gem from the Tony Martin years.

    During this lock down period, you may want to check out Jorn Live on Death Road on cd. Jorn Lande is the Norwegian metal rock powerhouse man with a rock and roll golden honey voice. If you ever invite him on your future album, just think what a SUPERB result that would be.

    All the best, Vinny

  13. How the Monkey was Born…. ( a poem about Tony’s superb Gibson Guitar)

    He clasps the instrument with Eagle’s hands,

    Piercing through concert halls and stadium walls the sound descends the lightning over a jagged land,

    The course of rock and roll history forged the stone tablet of the timeless Black Sabbath band,

    And after the End tour, the Iommi Knight stands.

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