How Good It Is

» Posted on Jan 5, 2017 | 15 comments

Here is a track I composed for Birmingham Cathedral, featuring contributions from the Birmingham Cathedral Choir and words selected by the Very Reverend Catherine Ogle, Dean of Birmingham.  The track is titled “How Good It Is”.

This is my way of giving back to Birmingham.

You can also download an mp3 of the song at this location.

You can also read some additional information about the song here.


  1. Cracking arrangement. Would love to hear more like this.

  2. “How Good It Is” is an apt start as it is good. Its the first time I have heard a Black Sabbath track since 1972 and its an astonishing revelation; brilliant listening, depth& height enriched by long experience; possibly of both the composer and the listener!
    Thank you

  3. This composition borders on musical genius… It’s absolutely brilliant. I’m in awe each and every time I listen to it. Tony, if you are reading this, I would love to see an entire album’s worth of such work. To bear witness of the breadth, depth and scope of your talent is truly an honor. Onward and upward, Sir!

  4. It’s greate, beauteful music! Tony, may you live on and on and on!! Stay healthy!

  5. A new breed of classic in every sense. J S Bach has modern competition!

  6. Dear Tony, this piece of music is of angelic beauty. Only you could write such a piece. It’s a wonderful surprise for your die hards, and a witness of your artistical versatility. The best is yet to come, my Master, we all , including yourself and Army of your fans, are going to enjoy great projects and beautiful music coming out of your hands. God bless you, Anthony!

  7. Wow! This piece of yours, Tony, actually DOES sound like it could fit into an Ecclesiastical Order of Service/Worship! I should think that my “Main Man”, Jesus of Nazareth, and His/our Father, would thank you as well. May They grant you Eternal Grace . . . Eternal Grace, for an Ancient Warrior.

    Hmm, Churches, Cathedrals (perhaps Temples & Synagogues, too), Choirs, and PIPE ORGANS; have you ever thought, Tony, of attempting a collaboration, with American Pipe Organist, Cameron Carpenter? Now, THERE could be a powerful musical collaboration!! That man has done for Pipe Organ, what Jimi Hendrix did for Electric Guitar.

  8. Oh, yes, and a very, VERY Happy and WONDERFUL Birthday to you Tony!!

  9. What a fabulous piece of music! Like Simon commented above, I would love to hear more of this – perhaps an album Tommy? Good luck in your new endeavours. PS is it possible to purchase an MP3 of “How Good It Is”?

  10. If this is any indication of what the future of your music will sound like, you need to put together an album asap. Don’t let another day go by. People need to hear more of this to appreciate the guitarist inside the man. Life long fan, the Cubb

  11. ….. Beautiful ….. I hope it’s ok that I shared the link onto the Tramp Entertainments f/b page. You were part of our history at Tramp, we all love to see how you’re doing.

    You may also be pleased to know The Pokey Hole Club in Lichfield has also struck up again. Been running for a year now and John Fiddler (Medicine Head) has already appeared… with Climax Blues Band appearing in June. Would be really wonderful if you would play one more time at the venue where you first played the track “Black Sabbath”…..

  12. Tony, now that the end tour is complete, I would like to share a legacy message that resonates with you and Back Sabbath:

    On Eagle Owl wings the guitar was carried to distant realms where brimstone and ice forged the flaming sword,

    Falling from the owl’s talons the guitar fell into the hands of the Dark Lord who ignited a fire that sparked a sound that pierced earth and sky,

    As the guitar transformed into The Flaming sword, it turned and twisted into the winds of destiny that trembled every memory known to man.

    Engraved on the blade was the name IOMMI which means Conqueror of rock and roll destiny.

    Tony, congratulations on your bright and challenging tenure with Black Sabbath. I hope going forward you maintain the goal of producing some form of rock music being recorded whether its a solo album or with the guys from Sabbath.

    my best wishes always, Vinny

  13. This delightful music! Thank you Tony! You, as always on top! We are with you until the end of time !!!!!

  14. Bravi!
    May your art always flow, beautiful work!
    Thank you for all the years of beautiful music!
    Knaresborough UK

  15. As Excalibur was drawn from the stone, the name TONY IOMMI was forever engraved on the blade burning in the exploding sun.

    Tony now that the End Tour is complete I am sure your future will burn brightly with new music whether its a solo performance like the album FUSED that came out several years ago or another album with the Sabbath guys.

    God bless,

    Vinny Excalibur

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