VH1 History of Heavy Metal

» Posted on Feb 20, 2015 | 4 comments

The new VH1.com animated short The Complete History of Heavy Metal: Fingers Bloody Fingers explores how Tony made “a good thing off a bad thing.”   You can view the entire video at this link:  http://www.vh1.com/music/tuner/2015-02-19/black-sabbath-complete-history-of-heavy-metal/




  1. your the reason i play guitar. im lefthanded aswell and i injured my right hand too. My thumb had 3 tumors removed and nerve damage. I really tried and i just couldnt. I never gave up to atleast sound like i did before. At my lowwest point i read an article about and learned something i didn’t know about you. Your fingers. You never gave up either. Thank you. You are the person i look up to. I really hope to get your autograph one day. Maybe on the back of my heaven and hell jacket. Hey its a dream. But dreams do come true. Either way thank for the inspirations and drive.
    Sincerely your fan since 84. Cheers

  2. Dear Tony Iommi,
    i am excited to know about the new black sabbath album,are this still on?, please do a new album and please do a new tour with meet and greet!, i was sad that i missed the meet and greet on london2013,but i was there at 02 arena just on the side you was playing,wish this happen again. and i went to hyde park on last summer just because of you !

  3. My name is Jamie Hider from Manistique Michigan, last year I e-mailed Eddie Trunk to tell him of an idea I had about a cartoon short on rock stars and zany stories. I heard nothing back. Today I’m watching vh1 and much to my surprise.!!! It’s my idea on TV. Thanks VH1 and Eddie Trunk for ripping my idea off.

  4. Tony Iommi kicks hippies stuck in a zoo

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