Supporting Trevor Francis

» Posted on Dec 3, 2014 | 1 comment

On Saturday I had a chance to return a favour, one of my old pals football legend Trevor Francis was receiving his Birmingham “Walk of Stars” award.  He was there to support me when I received mine in the snow, the weather was better this time! I’ve just got my hands on a photo, so here I am with Trevor, Martin O’Neill (a previous Aston Villa manager), Jasper Carrott and Bev Bevan, you can tell who the musicians are, no ties!

Trevor Francis

1 Comment

  1. Awesome photograph, Tony! Not many people are so attached emotively to their homeland and to the friends from childhood and teen days, as you are. It’s a great value, and it makes you even more beloved by your fans. You always said: “I’m proud to be a Brummie and call Birmingham my home” . Long live dear Tony!

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