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» Posted on Oct 29, 2014 | 16 comments

People have been asking what exactly I’m doing at the moment, we’ll I’m getting back in the studio having tried to make myself rest after the tours.  I’m writing, mostly just putting ideas down rather than complete songs. I like to create all sorts of moods with my music and then decide later how they might be used.

One specific piece though is for the CSI TV series that will be aired in the US on November 2nd. I was asked if I’d be interested so I had a look at the footage and came up with an idea they seemed to like. It’s not very long but it was different working with images rather than just music, I’d certainly be up for doing more.

UPDATE:  After posting this story, the episode with my music has been changed to November 9th.  Here is the update we received from the show’s producer:

“Due to an NFL football game Sunday that went long, they pushed our schedule a week later. No big deal but the show airs Nov 9th here in the states.”


Apologies, seems they did it to us again and bumped CSI back another week! I’ve been assured it will be broadcast on November 16th, more updates if needed.



  1. I`d like that you come to Colombia,I want meet you. I love your music :3

  2. Great news! Stay healthy! I know what it’s like for my brother had the same thing. Rest and can’t wait to hear your new stuff.

  3. Great news, cNt wait for more!

  4. Mr Tony Iommi the greatest guitar players to ever live! Glad to hear you’re doing well! Would love to meet you someday or just see Sabbath live.

  5. Dear Tony? What will be Scary dreams song?

  6. Hi Tony,
    Greetings from Germany. Ich bin mittlerweile 52 Jahre alt und seit über 30 Jahren ein Fan von Dir. Wäre schön, wenn ich mal ein Autogramm von Dir bekommen würde!!
    Viele Grüße

  7. Great news for those who truly loves and appreciates your music, Tony. Good to see you enjoying to compose a soundtrack for CSI, and open more doors for the masses for a privilege to know your enormous legacy.

  8. Hi Tony, My dad Jed did a tour in 83′ with you and the pearl. Such a great show. We have healing springs here outside LV, NV. Please shoot me an email as you deserve the best because you are the best! Sincerely, Aran

  9. Mr. Iommi you are my musical idol, your a genius, riff master, legend.. I constantly study your masterpieces, your music will exist until the world ends, I love playing your music so much, thank you, your such an inspiration to me as a guitar player..please never stop making music! God bless you.

  10. Hi tony you might not remember me from the square chexs mick hull I uses to be the road manger. I had a concert the other week for the hospice at home and mike Gillian and mike Harrison came along we are talking about the old times when we did gigs and we mentioned you so I throughout I would try and contact you hope to hear from you soon mick

  11. You were an inspiration to me in my youth. Your mesmerizing guitar work helped me cope with the insanity of adolescence. In my opinion your the greatest guitarist to ever play. I’m glad your feeling better. I’ve seen you in concert so many times I’ve lost count. You share the stage with some of the greatest musicians to ever play. Ozzy (The King of Rock and Roll), Geezer, Bill, and of course the greatest rock singer ever…Mr. Ronnie James Dio. We love you. Thank you!!

  12. Tony……thrilled that you’re still at it….i’m 60…..first heard the first BS album in ”70 wen a guy talked me into listening to it …….had never and still havn’t heard anything like your sound and style……blown away….carry on…..good health….think of Ronnie often

  13. Hi Tony! I just want to tell you that your My biggest idol EVER!
    And i Love that you play sg like i do. I Usually try to learn your black sabbath riffs and it works verry well but do not thingk I’m an old fan of Your’s from the 70’s I’m a boy on 13years. I hope you can get some rest after the Tour’s. And i hope you can aswer me in some way. , by the way you got the best name ever!!!! //Thony

  14. Thanks for ALL of your efforts in entertaining the masses and influencing this young lefty to pick up a guitar and play music…you have been a tremendous influence in my life. I always anticipate your new material and look foward to your next round of musical genious.
    ….it is all much appreciated Mr. Iommi!

  15. Hey Tony I’m really praying for your health to get better cause I’ve never got to meet you and hope we can say hi to each other soon I’m worried about you and don’t want to lose another to this stupid cancer like we lost Dio and in 2009 that was last time I seen you at dte in Detroit heaven and hell tour you guys rocked and still do I just want to meet you before it’s to late please so if you get my message please let me know with a response please thank you p.s you can email me at earkracker1@ with your response please I hope I hear from you soon and thank you for your time. Eric

  16. Tony,

    First of all, just want to let you know that you resemble my dad. Even your hands look alike.

    Anyway, I finally purchased a Gibson SG. It’s a midnigt blue, 120th Anniversary SG standard with the Mini E-tune. And of course, I bought it because of you.
    It’s only missing one thing though, your autograph.

    I have my eyes on the Laney TI-110 and a 4×12 cabinet which I plan to purchase once I finish paying off the SG.

    Thank you for a lifetime of hair rasing power cords and melodic lead solos which never seem to age no matter how many times I listen to Sabbath’s songs.

    Take care of yourself and may the Lord look after you always!
    Moises Caraballo

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