July 4, 2014

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Full List of artists:

Great Oak Stage
Black Sabbath
Faith No More

The Barclaycard Theatre
Kobra and The Lotus
Broken Hands
The Bots

Village Hall
Bo Ningen
The Gravel Tones
Hang The Bastard
A Plastic Rose

Summer Stage
Rise To Remain
Blitz Kids
The Struts
The First


1 Comment

  1. Im just going to make this short and sweet, BLACK SABBATH has worked hard enough over the years to achieve the title of in my opinion the absolute greatest rock-n-roll bad of all time. My hats off and i want to congratulate all 4 band members for the best collaborated effort in the business as a whole. Thank you guys for all the memories and for the things i learned being a hardcore Sabbath fan my whole life. You guys take care of each other you have defiantly paid your dues. To the best in the business dont ever quit, i dont think your fans could survive that. Love and respect forever, Scott Allen Smith.

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