Tony Unveils Award At Spire Parkway Hospital, Solihull

» Posted on Jun 9, 2012 | 2 comments

BLACK Sabbath star Tony Iommi has welcomed an award for a Midland hospital that helped him fight cancer.

The Birmingham-born guitarist, who revealed he had lymphoma earlier this year, spoke out during a visit to the Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull, where he was treated.

The 63-year-old said: “The diagnosis was a huge shock to me but the care and attention I have received at the hospital has been absolutely second-to-none. “I’ve been made to feel comfortable, at home and at ease – with every worry or fear allayed and nurses giving me 24 hour access to them. “I could contact them if I had any immediate concerns at any time and at any stage of the chemotherapy and radiotherapy.”

Iommi was at an event at the hospital to commemorate the achievement of a Macmillan Quality Environment Mark, which measures standards of care for cancer patients.
He added: “The environment, care and quality of treatment were brilliant – I couldn’t have wished for more. “This award is well-deserved and I was delighted to be asked to unveil it.”

At the time of his diagnosis in January, a statement released on behalf of the band said: “Iommi is currently working with his doctors to establish the best treatment plan – the Iron Man of rock and roll remains upbeat and determined to make a full and successful recovery.”

After the announcement, the group promised to plough on with plans for a new album.
Black Sabbath had also lined up a series of major dates during the year.

Left-handed guitarist Iommi famously lost the tips of two fingers working in a sheet metal factory as a teenager but learned to play with thimble-like devices to extend them.

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  1. Mr. Iommi Is my favorite and has been for 43 yrs. He has class and seems so opposite his stage and music persona. I bet he is a man of integrity. I have never been too starstruck and I have passed on opportunities to meet the president. I have met movie actresses and had friend in school you mite have heard of Brady Blade. He has played with few big names . I have never wanted or cared for an autograph. Except Mr. Iommis. are even a email auto graph. to would be cool. You don’t dress and look like a woman to get attention or breath fire. Just your music is all that’s need to make you the greatest. I think the theatrics some ppl have gets old. But good music never fades.
    Long live the greatest guitar person ever. You were truly blessed with talent .

    Thanks for all these years you have given,
    Steve Day/Louisiana, USA

  2. I have had lymphoma in my life also, my father was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma over 15 years ago – he celebrated his 97th birthday this year. Been cancer free for over 10 years. When he was getting chemo – he had 2 treatments left and he told the md’s that he wasn’t doing any mote treatments and been cancer ever since. Hang in there – there’s always HOPE! Rock On, Tony!

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